Control Union Certification

ERGObaby Organics have been certified by Control Union Certifications (formerly Skal International) in the Netherlands. Control Union Certifications (CU) is an independent, internationally operating organization that carries out inspections and issues certificates for sustainable production methods.

CU promotes the proper designation of products that have been produced/processed according to sustainable production methods by means of supervising, testing, inspecting, assessing and certifying them.

The declaration states: “This is to certify that the products designated have been obtained in accordance with the rules of production and on inspection of the organic production method and sustainable textile production as set out and monitored by the control body (Control Union Certifications).”

CU is accredited to carry out inspection and certification services according to the:

  • EU organic requirements (EEC Regulation 2092/91)
  • USA organic requirements – National Organic Program (NOP) of the USDA
  • Japanese organic requirements – (JAS notifications)

During inspection the following techniques are used:

  • Interview with the people responsible for production/processing
  • Inspection of fields, premises, processing equipment, storage, etc.
  • Inspection of paperwork, bookkeeping, weighing tags, labels, etc.
  • Samples taken for residue analysis

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November 28, 2007