TUV Rheinland Product Service provides safety certification to enable manufacturers of products to demonstrate that they meet recognized standards and specifications.

Manufacturers must demonstrate that the components for use in their products meet specific sets of safety requirements relevant to their intended purpose.

The company is represented in 44 countries around the world and represents trust, security and quality.

The TUV Product Service certification Octagon Mark is recognized globally, providing products a significant marketing advantage and differentiation. The TUV Mark ensures that the ERGObaby carrier conforms with recognized safety standards / specifications (eg. EN 13209-2:2005) and that compliance will continue to be maintained in production from unit to unit produced over time. This Mark indicates to the consumer that our product has been tested with respect to safety, including its operating instructions.

This is a unique opportunity for the ERGObaby carrier, inc. to present the ERGObaby’s performance/characteristics worldwide.

Steve Hryniuk is the Associate Director of Digital at Ergobaby and Orbit Baby.

When not working this blog and building a better store website for Ergobaby, he’s enjoying life in Reno, Nevada.

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November 9, 2007
November 28, 2007