A Ride On Mother’s Back

A Ride on Mother’s Back – A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World
Written by Emery Bernhard and Illustrated by Durga Bernhard
1996 Harcourt, Inc. ($12.00 on Amazon)

This is a remarkably beautiful book, simply written with outstanding art work that illustrates Babywearing around the world. It asks the questions: “How do different peoples carry their babies? and “What is it like to ride on mother’s back?

From Guatemala, Bali, Central Africa, Canada, West Africa, Thailand, Amazon River, Katmandu, Papua New Guinea, to the Andes Mountains of South America, descriptions of how these different cultures all work and play hands free are depicted.

It is a wonderful picture book for children as well as adults because it shows family members carrying “their babies all through the day, while planting and harvesting, tending and gathering, cooking and playing. Snuggled and cuddled, jiggled and bounced, bundled and rocked, babies discover the world they live in.

Today this practice is called Attachment Parenting and you, too, can discover the wonderment of what it means to embark on this touching and inspiring journey of carrying your baby. A very special book for the entire family.

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Claire Kellerman, certified ‘permaculture designer’, artist, writer and photographer, has shared her work globally.

Claire attended Sarah Lawrence College, graduating from New York University with a BA in Music and Writing, with a focus on the classic texts. Claire served as a personal assistant to Karin Frost, Ergobaby’s founder.

November 6, 2010
November 6, 2010