Heroes with a Heart of Green

Admiration and inspiration are a great place to start any size step onto a new road.
Bringing our attention to The Heart of Green Award nominees is bound to elevate our motivation for the eco-evolution underway.

The creators of this prestigious accolade are found at dailygreen.com. Their website shares blogs, videos and stories that introduce us to some very special people’s work and how they have influenced others positively, as told by their fans, students and children.

Here’s one nomination: “It is my great honor and with great enthusiasm that I nominate Jay Golden for the Heart of Green Award. Jay has a clear purpose of using story peppered with fun and humor to bring a message of hope, inspiration, and information to children. I could go on and on about his web series Gorilla in the Green House, which addresses complex issues such as the pacific garbage patch and mountain top removal through song and rhymes…”

The Daily Green, the consumer’s guide to the green revolution, has everything from a description of the ten greenest presidents in U.S. History to a blog for tips on organic parenting. Here’s a link to one important tip: What Mothers Can (and Can’t) Do to Protect Unborn Babies from Toxic Chemicals. http://www.thedailygreen.com/living-green/blogs/organic-parenting/

The Heart of Green Awards are given to those who are held in high esteem for their work, voice, and demonstrations that uplift and have invited a greener way of living in some way. One teacher, Greg Perry, overcame personal obstacles while maintaining his commitment to co-creating The “Green Dream,” the largest green products and services expo in Ohio. Greg empowered his marketing class at Beachwood High School in Ohio to stage the Green Dream, and was nominated by his enthusiastic and passionate students.

As this March issue of ERGOparent echoes, transition is the name of the game these days. Here are inspirational pioneers being recognized for being role models in transitioning to brighter green living. One special example, a mother is nominated by her own grateful daughter:

“Jane Wyler is my mother and she deserves a Heart of Green award for all of her effort that she put into this project. She started the business before I was born and has been a dedicated recycler and green practicer since I can remember. I have grown up with those same values that she lives by and I teach them to my friends around me to try and spread the awareness. Jane deserves this award for being a hard working mother, a dedicated Reusenik, and an environmentalist.” (“Reuseniks:” Re-use cloth bags instead of using plastic.)

Brighter days are here thanks to heroes with a Heart of Green. As one nominating student said it best, “Their enthusiasm is contagious!”

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Claire Kellerman, certified ‘permaculture designer’, artist, writer and photographer, has shared her work globally.

Claire attended Sarah Lawrence College, graduating from New York University with a BA in Music and Writing, with a focus on the classic texts. Claire served as a personal assistant to Karin Frost, Ergobaby’s founder.