Hug Everywhere!

We all know that Ergobaby carriers are so comfortable that Moms and Dad can wear them longer and go more places – all while being close to their babies.

The Ergobaby carrier keeps your baby close, while leaving you free to move about your busy day. The ergonomic design is so comfortable, you can wear it longer because the baby’s weight is evenly distributed between your hips and your shoulders. And the carrier cradles your baby just the way you do when you hug, so you can hug everywhere, no matter what you are doing.

Keep an eye out for these new ads in your favorite parenting magazines…with more hugs to watch for!

Hug more. Hug longer. Hug everywhere.

Where will you hug your baby today?

Christina is a mama, wife, conservationist, DIY’er, vintage fanatic, dog lover and the Ergobaby director of community.

She is passionate about babies, babywearing, birth, yoga, natural living and healthy eats. When not online reading and writing about all of the above, she can be found spending time with her partner and daughter, creating their family story in their home of Los Angeles.

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