Valentine’s Day DIY: Warming Hearts with Valentine’s Crafts

It’s cold outside and there’s about two feet of snow in the Northeast. Time to break out these heart-warming crafts!

Love Bug Valentine Stamp

Love Bug Hearts – cut a heart shaped stamp from a sponge (or potato, or maybe you already have a heart stamp!). Stamp the heart on its side in a row, to create a caterpillar. Draw on antenna, face, and legs. Write a “Love Bug” message to create a sweet handmade Valentine’s card.

Heart Stamps with Paper Roll – use an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and create a heart shape by bending the cardboard. Dip into paint and stamp away for heart-shaped prints all over!

Reverse Masking Heart Painting

Reverse Masking Finger Painting – Tape off a message, some hearts, or use stickers (that can easily be removed!) onto a piece of finger painting paper or heavy cardstock. Allow your child to finger paint over the tape/stickers. When the paint dries, gently peel off the tape or stickers to reveal the shapes beneath the paint!

Valentine's Sensory Tub

Create a sensory tub – throw some pasta, rice, beads, and anything red or pink into a large bin. Let your child scoop, sort, and dig through the tub of diverse objects! My son loaded his toy trucks up with pasta wheels, and filled the center of the red slinky with some of the shapes he found. You can play counting, sorting, shape and color games with this bin. Or just let your kids explore!

These simple crafts are easy and enjoyable, and help spread the love on a chilly winter day!

What crafts do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?

Julie is a former English teacher turned SAHM and blogger at A Year With Mom and Dad. She loves poetry, baking apple pies, sewing quilts (or cloth diaper
wipes!), writing, and learning about natural / organic living!


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