Where Will We Go Today?


You reach for me. And I wonder, where will we go today?

I am picked up by your loving hands and snuggled close. I hear your heart beating and feel the gentle sway as we begin walking.

We walk by a river, and I look with you as you point to boats churning through the water.

I see with you the skyline, river, and people walking by. I see their smiles and track them with my eyes as they walk past.

We reach a trail, and you and I enter the shadowy tree-lined path together to explore.

I feel with you the down-down-down-down and up-up-up-up again of steps and slopes. My body moves with yours up and down in a pattern familiar.

Mall Walk

I watch a dog approach, and feel safe with your arms around me. Your words whispering everything is okay, it’s a nice doggie.


We walk through winter cold, among the evergreen forest, stubbly with mown grass. But I am warm inside your coat. And I help pick out a Christmas tree – my first holiday.

Tree Forest

We walk down city streets, and in and out of buildings. The people, sounds and smells all reach me.

City Streets

I ride with you on a carousel and spin a dizzy turn under lights. Craning my neck to see all the pretty mirrors flashing round and round.


And I am not afraid. You are hugging me close, and I hug you back.

We go so many places together! Thanks for carrying me!

Julie is a former English teacher turned SAHM and blogger at A Year With Mom and Dad. She loves poetry, baking apple pies, sewing quilts (or cloth diaper
wipes!), writing, and learning about natural / organic living!

Website: ayearwithmomanddad.com

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