Babywearing Yoga: Precious Moments

We all know the benefits of yoga and the benefits of babywearing.  Since I’m a fan of both, I love that I’m able to combine them to help create baby-friendly exercise that we both can enjoy.  Yoga and babywearing are a natural fit as the meditative nature helps soothe baby and since it’s low-impact, it’s very easy to involve baby in my practice.

Benefits of baby friendly exercise:

  • more achievable (no need to fit in around baby’s sleep schedule – baby can sleep in the carrier)
  • more affordable (no need to pay a babysitter)
  • more enjoyable (in a group setting)
  • more accountable (build relationships and receive encouragement from fellow moms)
  • more effective (baby weight increases mom’s weight bearing capacity)
  • a great fun time to bond with baby!

I’ve put together a few of my favorite poses to do while babywearing.  Always remember while wearing your baby to be safe and careful!

Start your practice by coming to a comfortable seated position.

Sukhasana – easy seated pose


Sitting nice and tall; lifting up through the crown of the head, shoulders relax down the back, tucking the chin ever so slightly. Begin to notice your breath. Breathing a little deeper and deeper, counting up to 3 on the inhale, and exhaling 3-2-1. Inhaling deeply, filling the belly, 1-2-3….. Exhaling completely emptying the belly 3-2-1. Continue this “sama vrtti” pranayama for a few more rounds.

Inhale arms up overhead, exhale placing the right hand behind the right leg stretching over to the right side. Inhale back to center, both arms up… Exhale place the left hand behind the left leg, stretch over to the left, lengthening the right side body now. Inhale back to center and repeat.



In a standing position, ground down through the entire pad of the foot; from the big toe mound to the pinky edge and all the way back to the heel of the foot. Feel the energy of the earth rising into the legs engaging the quads, tucking the tailbone under, opening the heart of the chest, rolling the shoulder blades back and down, and lifting up out of the crown of the head. Stand tall and strong. Close the eyes, breathe, and relax here.

Vrksasana- Tree pose


Bring the weight into the right foot and ground down. As you begin to balance on this leg slowly bring the left foot up to the calf or thigh and point the knee out to the side. For more support use a wall to balance. Find a focal point, or “drishti”, of an object or spot that is stationary. If you feel sturdy and strong, you may extend your arms upward and grow your branches extending the energy out through your fingertips.   Repeat this on the left leg.

Virabhadrasana- Warrior I

Warrior 1

Step the right leg back, placing the right foot facing slightly forward at a 45 degree angle. Bend into the left knee making sure that the knee doesn’t pass the ankle. Straighten the right leg and square the hips forward. Lift the arms up overhead.  Repeat on the left leg.

Deviasana- Goddess pose

Now come into a wide stance with the feet placed about a foot outside of hip distance.  Bend into the knees and lower down. Making sure the legs are wide enough so that the knees are in line with the ankles. Lift the arms up into cactus position: bent at a 90 degree angle. Inhale straighten the legs and as you exhale lower back down. Continue this dynamic movement as many times as desired for a nice glut & quad toning.

Love & enjoy these precious moments with your sweet little one!



Please use caution when attempting any of the carries, exercise or activities highlighted on this blog, social media or any other content channels.  Please use common sense and caution when using a baby carrier.  You should consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise program.  For more information, see our disclaimer.

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Tiffany DeLancy is a mother to her sweet baby, Nora Jane. She discovered a more natural way of life when she began her yoga teacher training, it ignited a passion within her for a life of balance and harmony. She teaches “Buddha baby” yoga classes for mommy & me. She is an advocate for natural birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, and gentle parenting. She hopes to find many different ways to share the benefits of living yoga.


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