Babywearing Tip: Get Baby on Your Back

Each day during International Babywearing Week (IBW), we’ll be posting babywearing tips from our friends at local Babyearing International (BWI) Chapters.

Today’s tip comes to you courtesy of BWI of Peoria:

There are many convenient ways to get baby on your back for a back carry in an Ergo. We will demonstrate two different methods here.

The hip scoot:

You’ll want to get your carrier adjusted to your waist and start with the body centered over your right hip.

Hip Scoot 1Place Baby centered into the body of the carrier and grab the left strap with your left hand and loop it up to your elbow.

HIp Scoot 2Proceed to scoot Baby to your back and work the left strap up to your shoulder.

Hip Scoot 3When Baby is centered on your back, put your right arm through the right strap and adjust to fit your body.

Finally, clip the chest clip and position accordingly.

The superman toss:

Position the carrier so it is centered at your back and at the appropriate height.

Superman Toss 1Cross your arms over each other and take hold of Baby’s armpits.

Superman Toss 2As you swing Baby up over your shoulder, your arms will uncross.

Superman Toss 3Position your baby centered to the carrier and raise the body of the carrier.

Superman Toss 4While placing your left hand on Baby, slide your right arm through the strap and then switch and hold Baby with the right arm as you work your left arm into the strap.

Superman Toss 5Finally, buckle your chest clip and position accordingly.

No matter what method works best for you, wearing your baby on your back in your Ergo is easy!

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