Wear all the babies at the ABC Convention

Our booth was hoppingErgobaby ‘s mission can be summed up in four words:  “Wear all the babies!”  We are committed to helping parents wear their babies in a way that works best for their families.  Babywearing is a wonderful choice not only for convenience, but to bond with baby and reap the benefits of babywearing for both baby and parent.  We truly believe that happy babies are worn babies, and happy babies mean happy parents.  We also consider ourselves the “carrier of the people” and our newest ad campaign #LoveCarriesOn reflects not only the diversity of our parents, but the flexibility of our carrier.  Our designs also reflect that flexibility and versatility…our goal is to provide ergonomic and comfortable solutions that suit your lifestyle.  We take your input and feedback and design for you.

This past week, we had the opportunity to showcase at the ABC Kids Expo.  To support our philosophy of “wear all the babies,” we showcased a variety of carriers. Beginning with the newborn and infant stage, we developed the Ergobaby Wrap and showed it off this past weekend.  Babies want to be close to their mamas or daddies–the scent, voice and familiarity of parents keeps them happy and at ease in their new world.  The Ergobaby Wrap is the perfect companion in those first delicious months and beyond.

Sea SkipperLast year, we went to you (our biggest fans) to help us design a carrier.   We loved the results so much that we made not just one, but two, and brought them with us to ABC.  Sea Skipper and Chevron are the latest new styles in our Original Collection–both designed by parents like you.  We also debuted the Chai Mandala and Blue Lotus, gorgeous carriers with detailed embroidery, both winners of the Itsa Belly Excellence award.  We are excited for these new additions to our award-winning Original Collection–our tried and true.

We also added a carrier to our Performance Collection for you outdoorsy parents who can’t say no to an incline.  The Performance Collection was specifically designed for our most active parents with a special focus on ventilation and comfort, while maintaining our commitment to ergonomics.  The newest member, the Ventus Carrier takes this to the max.  Built for adventure, Ventus is durable, but also extremely lightweight and breathable.  It also has curved shoulder straps that are ideal for back carrying when hiking the hills with the little one along for the ride!

Three of Four PositionsAt ABC, we gave you a limited sneak peek of our latest carrier, the Four-Position 360 Carrier.  With the goal of expanding the babywearing family and designing from input from parents like you, we developed the Four-Position 360 Carrier, with the options for multiple carries.  This is our response to parents’ requests for an ergonomic fourth position option for babies over 6 months who are clearly communicating: “I want to see the whole world!”   This carrier was developed with input from parents, midwives, babywearing educators and our design team, all focused on ergonomics.  As avid babywearers, we believe that if a baby is worn during their first six months, they should have a secure attachment to the parent. We are giving those parents an ergonomic option to respond to this plea in some babies over 6 months old. Our message is simple: follow your baby’s lead and respond to her cues. We acknowledge that parents know their babies best, so choose the position that works for you and your family.  This carrier has generated a lot of buzz…and we welcome opportunities to expand the babywearing conversation!

ABCWe had a great time at ABC…our booth was hopping and we loved seeing so many of you! We are looking forward to seeing more parents choose babywearing as a means of bonding with their baby, as well as the freedom it offers. All of our carriers are created around the idea that more choices will equal more babywearers and happy, healthy babies. Look forward to more information, education, reviews and FAQ’s about our new products the  in the upcoming months. #LoveCarriesOn

Christina is a mama, conservationist, DIY’er, vintage fanatic, dog lover and the Ergobaby director of community.

She is passionate about babies, babywearing, birth, yoga, natural living, and healthy eats. When not online reading and writing about all of the above, she can be found spending time with her daughter, creating their family story in Los Angeles.

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October 17, 2013