Traveling with Baby: Tips for Checked and Carry-On Luggage

This past Fall (a week before Rio turned 15 months) we went on a 7 day cruise with my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. The ship left from Houston and stopped in Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize. So I planned for the flight from San Diego to Houston, one night in a hotel, and the week we would be on the boat.
I always bring as little as possible (although it’s still a lot!)- I have two bags that I travel with, my carry on bag and a backpack. The best thing about my carry on (pictured) is that it has an extra wide opening so it’s easy to find things as well as a long strap so you can hang it over the stroller or across your body.

Here’s what’s inside my carry on bag:

Outside pocket- Honest gel hand sanitizer, Beautycounter lip sheer, and 10 pack Honest wipes for easy access.
Inside the bag-
1. Small bag with only diapers, wipes, mat, and Honest spray hand sanitizer (make sure it’s spray so you can wipe down the changing tables). I like to be able to pull this bag out to take into the little airplane bathroom. I love my Anya Hindmarch baby emergency kit.
2. My purse: I use my Rais Case for travel because I can wear it as a fanny pack for easy passport access and the shape is great because it fits right in my carry on.
3. Books: I brought 5 little board books, a couple of Rio’s favorites and a few new ones to surprise him with.
4. Mini iPad
5. Extra outfit for Rio in a wet bag just in case.
6. Rio’s favorite Organic Farm Buddies lovie, Sophie the Giraffe, and a new little monkey toy.
7. Aden and Anais blanket and my Hooter Hiders breastcover.
Traveling with baby - snacks

Inside my carry on backpack:

I carry this little reusable lunch bag which fits all the snacks, and water bottle.
1. Kleen Kanteen water bottle
2. Organic fruit
3. Sunfood sprouted organic pumpkin seeds
5. Roasted garbanzo beans (recipe coming soon!)
6. Earthbound Farm organic dried plums
7. Navitas Naturals blueberry hemp power snacks
Mama and baby

Listed below are some foods I brought on our trip in my checked bag:

It really helped me to have these foods on hand! Rio ate oatmeal everyday for lunch-I just prepped all the ingredients (in a glass container with a lid) ahead of time then added hot water when he was ready to eat. Make sure to pack everything inside a large, sealed bag in case anything opens or breaks.

1. Organic, gluten-free oats. I added some flax seeds in with the oats also.
2. Organic Chia seeds- I added these to Rio’s oatmeal everyday for extra omegas, fiber, and protein. I also love adding chia seeds to my juice and tea.
3. Organic dried bananas and strawberries-use these as quick snack or a great addition to oatmeal.
4. Organic Sprouted almond butter- this brand, Dastony, is one of my favorites. It comes in a small jar (great for travel) and refrigeration is not needed. I added this to his oatmeal daily. It’s also great for dipping apples.
5. Organic Coconut butter-same brand and same sized jar. Another great, healthy fat to add to oatmeal.
6. Happy Baby organic puffs-these were a great distraction/snack at dinner when we were waiting for food to arrive.
Food for traveling with baby
Rio pretty much ate the same things everyday. Avocado and chopped spinach for breakfast with apples, berries, or melon; oatmeal and banana for lunch; veggies, beans, rice and/or fish for dinner. He didn’t eat a lot for dinner and he nursed a lot more at night while we were there…maybe because he was in the same room at night with us? Or possibly because he was hungry from not having a lot for dinner. Either way I was ok with it because I wanted to make sure he felt good and had plenty of nutrients since we were in another country. Rio stayed healthy and happy the entire trip. Plus, this healthy oatmeal is great for us mamas too!! Here’s another tip: I stocked up on fruit and veggies at the hotel at breakfast. Each day I took some strawberries and blueberries for Rio’s oatmeal and a couple bananas in cause he needed a snack throughout the day. The bananas came in very handy, he ate at least one each day either as a snack or at dinner.
I wanted to try make sure Rio had lots of good stuff to eat while we were on our cruise. It was my first cruise and I discovered that there aren’t a lot of healthy options on the menu, but at every meal the waiters were very accommodating to what I asked for. Rio usually had scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast, Q’ia oatmeal and a banana for lunch, and steamed veggies and rice for dinner with beans or salmon. I was really glad I had some healthy snack options. Hope this helps easy some travel anxiety for some of you mamas! Please comment and share with me some of your favorite travel tips and healthy travel snacks.
Carly Zuffinetti

Carly Zuffinetti earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Ball State University, a Master’s Degree in Special Education and has an Autism Authorization from Cal State San Marcos. She is a special education teacher and is currently on sabbatical to be with her new baby boy. She created her Instagram account, @ThePreggersPantry, during her pregnancy hoping to connect and share ideas with other health conscious, like-minded mamas. She is involved with Miracle Babies, SAY San Diego, and The Friends of San Pasqual charities. Carly lives in Rancho Santa Fe, CA with her husband Adam, son Rio, and 13 year old Brussels Griffon, Mayzie. She loves yoga, animals, and all things baby. Carly will soon launch The Preggers Pantry blog to help inspire women to have the healthiest pregnancies and lives possible.

January 28, 2016