New Year’s Goals and Babywearing

New Years brings new goals, mental, emotional, and physical.  As parents with little ones in tow, it can be hard to keep up with new routines. Here is an exercise routine that can be done while babywearing. Involving your child in your fitness regimen can be a great way to score some quality time!

While doing these exercises, you can engage baby as well. Sing some songs, recite a nursery rhyme, count, or even chat with them while you go up and down. This is a great alternative to plain old counting.

While performing exercises make sure you have a surface or chair to hold onto for balance and safety. Remember, you are still babywearing and need to be conscious of their safety.

Below are the exercises. There are 10 total exercises (when you count one for each leg).


Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart. Slowly move up and down as if you are about to sit into a chair.

Stationary Lunges

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and step backwards 2-4 feet with one foot. Slowly lower down as if you are sitting on a stool directly beneath you. Come back up and step back to standing. Repeat on opposite leg.

Wall push ups

Stand with feet together 1-2 feet away from a wall. Place both hands on the wall shoulder width apart in a push up stance. Slowly lower yourself into the wall being careful of baby’s head. Keep elbows close to your body and shoulders away from your ears.

Posterior leg raises

Stand with feet shoulder width apart while holding onto something for balance. Make sure both legs are straight and strong. Take one leg and draw it backwards 6-12” as if you are kicking a ball behind you. Raise up and down in a fluid motion making sure to work one leg at a time. Repeat on opposite leg.

Lateral leg raises

Just like #4, stand with legs straight and shoulder width apart. Take one leg and raise it 6-12” sideways. Raise up and down in a fluid motion making sure to work one leg at a time. Repeat on opposite leg.

Single leg knee raises

Stand with abdomen drawn in and tight. Slowly raise one knee up until thigh is parallel to the ground. Make sure to do one leg at a time. Repeat on opposite leg.

Repeat each exercise for the full length of a song of your choice, rotating through all the songs you can remember or repeating your baby’s favorite. If you are just chatting with baby then perform each exercise 10 times.

Have fun, smile, and laugh through it. Your child will gain just as much from this routine as you will!


Photos courtesy of The Village Magazine, part of their MOVE Series.

Please use caution when attempting any of the carries, exercise or activities highlighted on this blog.  Please use common sense and caution when using a Carrier or Wrap.  You should consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise program.  For more information, see our Disclaimer.  For some of the exercises, it is important for your baby to have good head control, modify or skip exercises as needed to keep things safe for you and your baby.

Dr. Dara Lynne DaCunha is a chiropractor, doula, and mother of two who practices in Arizona. She focuses on pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and infant care. She is known for her treatment protocol that solidifies nursing relationships. Her blog is focused on the 4th trimester and a mother’s healing body.

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February 1, 2016