Hiking with the Adapt carrier


This is part of a series of posts from a handful of guest bloggers, documenting baby’s first year and beyond. 

The weather has officially heated up and I must say this family of 4 couldn’t be happier! Summer time is our jam. We spend more time outdoors than indoors and truly love to find new activities and adventures. Having children has made us come up with more and more creative ways to spend our summer days out and about. More recently, we took this trip to Zion National park, and fell in love with our surroundings. What a beautiful place we live in! Zion has 9 different hikes all with beautiful scenery. We decided to take the kids on a couple family friendly hikes and more than enjoyed our time spent outdoors. Averie, our two year old had a blast running ahead and getting dirty from head to toe.

Hiking with the Adapt carrierIMG_5558

The hike we were on was 3 hours round trip. We had Asher in the stroller and boy am I glad I decided to stuff our Ergobaby carrier underneath last minute. I figured Averie would be okay but thought I’d bring it just in case Asher got a little stir crazy sitting in his car seat the whole time. After about halfway Averie started to get tired. We didn’t have anywhere for her to sit and she was getting pretty fussy so I decided to try her out in the Ergo carrier. I honestly was so surprised as soon as we got her strapped in. I could barely tell my 2 1/2 year old was on my back! I walked another hour and a half with her (asleep) on my back and I could not stop talking about how amazingly comfortable I was to my husband the entire time! I brought it with the intention of putting my newborn in it, an ended up with my toddler in it. How crazy that I can carry my oldest in it and be hands free for my youngest! Love! I joked to my husband that I should carry Averie on me for all my workouts. Extra burned calories never hurt anyone right? : P

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