Introducing the Easy Snug Infant Insert


At Ergobaby, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of creativity and collaboration amongst our teams. It is a critical part of our mission to never stop innovating, to try listen to caregivers and their feedback about our products, which leads us to create new and better solutions to make their every day easier. With that, I am thrilled to introduce to you the newest generation of Ergobaby infant insert, the Easy Snug.

What makes the Easy Snug different?

In an effort to make the infant insert easier to use, as well as cooler, we set out to create an infant insert that snaps into your carrier. With tabs located on the top and the sides of the insert, it snaps around the shoulder straps, as well as the side webbing. This enables you to leave the infant insert in your carrier, and load baby as needed, with no question as to how the infant insert needs to be positioned inside your carrier. It is also much lighter and less bulky, with a lower profile. You can customize the head support at the top depending on your baby’s needs via snap position, and there is no loading strap to undo once baby is inside.

Do you put it on differently?

Yes, we have developed new instructions, as well as brand new instructional videos available now on YouTube that shows how to load baby from the side. You simply snap the insert into the carrier, put the carrier around your waist, put on one shoulder strap, and then load baby in from the side before you put on your second shoulder strap on and affix your chest clip. Once baby is in, you may need to tighten your carrier, but no other adjustments are needed, you are ready to go!

How do I know baby is in there correctly?

Baby will be seated in an ergonomic, “M” shaped position, with legs inside for newborns. They will move to outside the insert and carrier as baby grows. Pull the edges of the insert out to the hollows of baby’s knees if need be for more support. Baby will have a nice round, “C’ shaped back, and should be high enough on your body to kiss his or her head with face visible. Insert should not be higher than mid ear.

Will this work with both new and older style Ergobaby carriers?

Absolutely! Made specifically for our Original, Performance, and Four Position 360 carriers, the new Easy Snug insert will fit in any of your existing Ergobaby carriers. The only exception would be our newest carrier style the Adapt, which does not require an infant insert.

Are infant inserts necessary?

Yes, for our Original, Performance and Four Position 360 carriers, an infant insert is required starting at the minimum weight of 7lbs until baby has complete head and neck control, and can sit in the carrier comfortably by being able to bend and swing at the knee. If baby already has head and neck control but cannot yet fit in the seat, the pillow that removes from the bottom portion of the insert may be used alone to give baby a boost in the carrier.

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Laura is the Educator + Community Outreach at Ergobaby. With almost a decade of experience teaching, Laura’s  warmth, passion and knowledge on baby carriers and their use is unrivaled. Her genuine, down to Earth nature will put any parent at ease, and leave them with the tools they need to keep baby close and comforted.  In addition to being a Certified Babywearing Educator, she is also a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Educator and Car Seat Tech (CPST). Her varied experience and unique background building and creating communities, as well as mentoring educators and professionals, enables her to speak confidently on a variety of babywearing and postpartum related subjects at the consumer and professional level. Interact with Laura in our Facebook group “Love Carries On” or at a consumer event near you.