Breastfeeding…Both Intense and Amazing

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Our friend shares her breastfeeding journey with both her kids.  We love to hear stories from mamas as breastfeeding is not a one-size-fits all experience, and we couldn’t agree more.  You’ve got this, mama!

Breastfeeding has been the most intense and amazing journey that I have ever been on! With each child, you would think it gets easier but each baby is so different! This is a subject that I get asked about constantly from my readers and followers. Although I am not a lactation consultant, I can share my personal experience with breastfeeding three children and what has worked and not worked for us.  I read somewhere that breastfeeding is 90% determination and 10% milk production and I agree completely. The first few weeks are so intense and I feel like if you can get over that hump you are golden.

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Christina is a mama, conservationist, DIY’er, vintage fanatic, dog lover and the Ergobaby director of community.

She is passionate about babies, babywearing, birth, yoga, natural living, and healthy eats. When not online reading and writing about all of the above, she can be found spending time with her daughter, creating their family story in Los Angeles.

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January 20, 2017