5 Nesting Tips for First-Time Moms

Patiently awaiting the arrival of your new bundle of joy can often be easier said than done. Many soon-to-be moms in their third trimester are more than ready to have their baby join them on the outside of the womb. But how will you ensure you’re prepared to bring that baby home and have as smooth of a transition as possible? I’m going to tell you exactly how with these 5 Nesting Tips for First Time Moms.

Pack Your Hospital Bag EARLY

Don’t wait until the last minute to gather all of your gear to head to the hospital! Ensure you’re cool, calm, and collected (at least as much as possible) by creating a list of everything you want to take with you, and have those bags packed and placed in the trunk of your car by 35 weeks. Don’t forget stuff for your partner, too! You never know when you might go into labor, so it’s best to have your bags somewhere close by at all times. Not sure what to pack? Here’s a great list of things you might consider.

Embrace Freezer Meals

It’s not rare for eating and general self care to fall to the wayside after your baby makes his grand entrance into the world. We’re often so caught up in all the newness (and worry!) that comes with a newborn that we forget to eat, hydrate, and/or even shower. Time does not seem plentiful when you’re operating on a newborn’s schedule. How can you guarantee you and your partner are fed and tended to during those first few weeks? Freezer Meals! Begin by creating a short list of meals that you and your partner enjoy that can be pre-assembled and placed in the freezer until time to heat and eat. Sorting these meals into individual servings or single-meal portions (for more than 1 person) will help take so much stress out of your day. Here and here are some posts with tons of recipes and ideas for your freezer stash.

Wash And Sort All Newborn Clothing

You never really know what kind of chemicals or dirt might be on clothing you’ve bought for your new baby. Newborns enter the world with very little immunity to germs, and you don’t want your little guy breathing in any fumes from a factory or warehouse, right? Use that third trimester boost of energy to pre-wash and sort all of his clothing, that way you won’t have to worry about it once he’s earthside. You want to make sure you get to really enjoy that sweet, newborn smell!

Stock Up And Organize Anything You May Need in the First Month

You don’t want to remember nipple cream at 2 a.m. while consoling a hungry, crying baby. Create a list of everything you might need for those first few weeks, like gas drops, diaper rash cream, Fenugreek, etc. There’s no such thing as being too prepared! Make sure you put all of these things in easy to access (and remember!) places. Mom Brain is a real thing – it’s easy to forget things when you’re thrown into the sometimes-overwhelming world of parenthood for the first time. You can even create a handy list of exactly what items you have and where they’re stored. This makes a great resource for anyone visiting you in your home (such as in-laws/parents, helpful friends, or your doula!).

Install Your Car Seat and Have It Checked by a CPST

Once you leave the hospital you and your partner will be the only people responsible for your newborn. Feeding, cleaning, transporting, you name it. There are a lot of things to consider! Did you know that between 74 and 90% of child seats are used improperly? Even the most well meaning and dedicated parents can, and often do, miss an important step in the car seat installation process. A Child Passenger Safety Technician can check your installation, suggest any needed improvements, show you how to properly install your seat from start to finish, and then supervise you installing it just to ensure you’ve got it down. A properly installed child seat can be your child’s saving grace in the event of an accident. Be knowledgeable and confident in your ability to use your child’s seat in the correct manner. You can check the SafeKids website to see what CPSTs are in your area. (Many, but not all, law enforcement officers and first responders are trained CPSTs. Call your local offices if you can’t find anyone on the SafeKids website!)

Now you can enjoy these last few days/weeks of it just being you and your partner instead of stressing over what life will be like once your baby is here! Rest easy knowing you’re prepared. Happy Birthing!

Kaelah Beauregarde is a Nashville-based blogger, doula, and single mama to her two boys, Toby and Linden. In addition to working with Music City Doulas, Kaelah is also a babywearing educator, newborn care specialist, and CPST. She enjoys sharing her motherhood (mis)adventures with others.

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February 27, 2017