Top 10 Travel Tips with a Baby

At the ripe ole’ age of 7 months, baby Hazel has been on over 25 flights with me across the country to speak at events for Ergobaby. As a mama to four, I am no stranger to travel with children, however I am always working toward streamlining the process and making it as stress free as possible. Here are some of my favorite tips!

1.Choose your bag wisely

I prefer bags that open on top for travel with baby. That way I can easily reach down and grab things out of the bag despite the small space we have.

2. Be prepared for Diaper Changes

I like having a diaper clutch with built in changing pad for quick changes. It has a few diapers, wipes, as well as a change of clothes for baby. I can put it around my wrist and grab it quickly when the lavatory opens up or the fasten seat belt sign turns off. I also always have one small plastic zip bag in case of major diaper leakage or spills.

3. Sit on the aisle

My whole life I’ve been a window sitter, however I have found because of breastfeeding (and all the elbows everywhere) that it makes it much easier to feed baby while sitting in the aisle. It also makes it super easy to take baby for diaper changes.

4. Introduce yourself

I have overwhelmingly felt passengers and crew have been friendly and happy to help, they’re just not sure if you’re open to it. I always say hello and introduce myself as well as baby, and I have met some fantastic fellow families and travelers.

5. Bring a blanket

I love the lightweight bamboo blankets from Baby Tula and use them for both of us. Whether it’s spit up, a spill, a safe place to put baby down in the airport, or a cover when it’s cold, I love the versatility and how small it packs.

6. Get a Seat for Baby

If you can swing it, a car seat is the safest place for baby on the airplane. Check and see if your car seat meets FAA regulations, that way you can install it directly on the plane and have it ready to go for car travel at your destination. It also gives you a dedicated place to put baby so you have a moment to breathe.

7. Packing Cubes

With a big family and lots to keep track of, I really love packing cubes. Each child has their own color. This allows me to get the most out of my suitcase space, and I can keep baby and I’s clothes organized and separate.

8. Diaper smart

We use cloth at home and eco-friendly disposables on the go. If I am going to be away for a longer period of time, I send a shipment directly to where I’m staying so I don’t have to pack them or waste that space in my suitcase.

9. Don’t forget to eat

Feeding baby is necessary, but so is feeding yourself. If I don’t drink enough water and feed myself, I am a grumpy mess. I always have a few KIND or EPIC bars in my bag in case I find my blood sugar dipping.

10. Babywear!

Last (but not least), wear your baby. When you’re traveling solo especially, going through security and managing all your gear is so much easier when you’re hands-free thanks to your baby carrier. It also gives baby a place to nap and you have peace of mind.

Laura is the Educator + Community Outreach at Ergobaby. With almost a decade of experience teaching, Laura’s  warmth, passion and knowledge on baby carriers and their use is unrivaled. Her genuine, down to Earth nature will put any parent at ease, and leave them with the tools they need to keep baby close and comforted.  In addition to being a Certified Babywearing Educator, she is also a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Educator and Car Seat Tech (CPST). Her varied experience and unique background building and creating communities, as well as mentoring educators and professionals, enables her to speak confidently on a variety of babywearing and postpartum related subjects at the consumer and professional level. Interact with Laura in our Facebook group “Love Carries On” or at a consumer event near you.