Wrap Your Newborn

Imagine life from the perspective of a new baby. So many bright lights, so much activity. You’re not even really sure where you are or how you got here. But you have these all too familiar sounds, familiar smells and an overwhelming desire to get back close to a place of warmth, comfort, nourishment, and safety.  

Our babies are born immature, they need us for their very survival, as they have many years and development ahead of them to reach that place of independence. As soon as they are born we aim to get them right on moms chest as the evidence for Kangaroo Care, also known as skin to skin, is incredible. 

 This is where a wrap comes in. While there is always the option of using your buckle newborn carrier from birth, the softness and support a wrap offers a much different experience for newborns and their caregivers. Many find the ability to customize the fit and pre tie to allow for popping the baby in and out to be an excellent and most enjoyable experience. 

As a babywearing educator of almost ten years who had another baby this year, I myself used the Ergobaby wrap for those early days where baby is longing for the pressure and support they miss from the womb. It allowed me to sit comfortably, stay cool, and my partner used it also for skin to skin with baby. This gave me the ability to practice self care, take a much needed nap, meal or hot shower.

If you have a baby on the way, or a new baby has joined your family, the Ergobaby wrap is a wonderful way to get started on your babywearing journey. We are honored to be able to take a small part in your story as parents, creating quality and easy to use products to make this adventure more enjoyable. 

Laura is the Educator + Community Outreach at Ergobaby. With almost a decade of experience teaching, Laura’s  warmth, passion and knowledge on baby carriers and their use is unrivaled. Her genuine, down to Earth nature will put any parent at ease, and leave them with the tools they need to keep baby close and comforted.  In addition to being a Certified Babywearing Educator, she is also a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Educator and Car Seat Tech (CPST). Her varied experience and unique background building and creating communities, as well as mentoring educators and professionals, enables her to speak confidently on a variety of babywearing and postpartum related subjects at the consumer and professional level. Interact with Laura in our Facebook group “Love Carries On” or at a consumer event near you.