5 Tips for Babywearing and Hiking in Cold Weather


It’s sunny, and you want to get outside…but it’s cold! Babywearing and enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to stop just because the temperatures have dropped, but you do want to take extra precaution that both you and baby are warm and safe while you’re out on the trails.

  1. Dress baby in layers. That way as the two of you heat up, you’re able to remove layers quickly and easily. Keep baby in their footed pajamas, and layer their legs with adult socks or baby leg warmers. If it’s very cold, be sure there is no exposed skin between baby’s pants and socks. Cover their hands with socks or mittens.
  2. Consider using a winter weather cover, or a babywearing coat. Ergobaby’s Winter Weather cover is the best- it’s soft and water-resistant, and allow baby’s legs to be completely covered while also offering a hood option. There are different babywearing coats on the market, but an easy and cost-effective way to use a coat over your carrier is to repurpose your maternity coat, or use a coat 1-2 sizes bigger so you can close it around you and baby.

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  1. No matter what you and your little one have on, make sure baby’s face is ALWAYS visible and close enough to kiss. Pay close attention to overheating. Thanks to the body heat you and your little one create, it’s important you are aware of your little one’s temperature.
  2. Use extra caution when babywearing and hiking in cold weather. There could be ice present on the ground so walk carefully and be sure to wear good boots appropriate for the terrain.
  3. Have fun! Nothing’s better than soaking up Vitamin D and fresh air with your little one right alongside you, no matter what the weather. And with a little extra care and planning, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

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