Dear Ergobaby, Love Erin

Dear Ergo,

Growing up as an only child, the concept of siblings fascinated me. I didn’t dislike being an only child but I knew that I wanted to experience the special connection of siblings and hoped to have multiple children. And as excited as I was when I was expecting my second son, nothing could have prepared me for how challenging it would prove to make the transition from one child to two. How was I supposed to keep up with the boundless energy of my not-yet-two-year-old spirited first son while taking care of my brand new baby? There were moments that it seemed impossible. We used you, our beloved Ergo with our first son and babywearing was a valuable part of our parenting experience however it quickly took on a much more important role in parenting two children.

One of my very first solo expeditions with two boys-under-two was to our local zoo. It was going fairly well until I needed to take a break to breastfeed the baby. I situated my little family by the penguin exhibit hoping that son 1 would be entertained by the penguins while son 2 nursed. As I sat down to get situated feeding the baby, my toddler immediately took off- happily rushing to see the next thing. I of course panicked and found myself holding a breastfeeding baby in one arm, dragging our stroller with the other hand, running and pleading with a headstrong toddler to “please wait for mommy!!!!” Not my finest moment as a new-mom-of-2. We survived but I quickly realized that my Ergo would be the perfect tool to keep both of my boys safer and make me a less-stressed and more confident mama.

While the baby was in my Ergo, I had my hands free to hold hands with my older son, to push him in the swings at the playground, to help him with his toys and to give him more of my attention and assistance. While my baby was in my Ergo I could breastfeed him, comfort him, keep him close while he napped and enjoy all those sweet baby snuggles. It helped me know that the baby was safe and allowed me more freedom to keep the busy toddler safe and happy as well. Continuing to carry my older son in my Ergo also helped him get some much-needed love and extra snuggles while he learned how to be a big brother. I’m so grateful for my Ergo for helping me be more present for both of my boys during this time of transition for our family. We all needed a little extra support and my Ergo empowered me to give that to both boys.

As my sons grew older and I grew more confident in my new role as mom-of-2, we continued to love our Ergo and it accompanies us on so many of our adventures. For our family, my Ergo isn’t just another piece of optional baby gear, it’s an essential part of our parenting journey. My Ergo helped me as a first-time parent and continued helping me as a parent of two children. Thank you for the confidence and comfort you gave me by helping me keep my boys close.




Erin Curtiss is a mom to two boys, Charlie and Cameron, loving the big city family life in the New York City area. Erin is a corporate lawyer and also a Ergobaby brand ambassador and pilates super-fan.

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Christina is a mama, wife, conservationist, DIY’er, vintage fanatic, dog lover and the Ergobaby director of community.

She is passionate about babies, babywearing, birth, yoga, natural living and healthy eats. When not online reading and writing about all of the above, she can be found spending time with her partner and daughter, creating their family story in their home of Los Angeles.

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