Dear Ergobaby, Love Kristy

Dear Ergobaby,

When I became pregnant with my first child, like most new parents, I knew almost nothing about baby gear. I wasn’t sure if I would want or need a baby carrier, but I registered for one because it was on a registry list so it felt like the right thing to do.

In retrospect, registering for a baby carrier was one of the smartest parenting decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t get the Ergobaby carrier on my registry, but I did get an inexpensive hand-me-down from a friend. Mere weeks after my oldest child was born, we relocated across the country for my husband’s job. I knew no one, and was suffering postpartum depression with a baby who only wanted to be held, always. So I used that carrier for hours and hours a day. I wore him even when that carrier started to hurt my back, and I would use my arms to support him in it because it was better than holding him constantly in just my arms. I was alone a lot while my husband worked, so even if my first carrier wasn’t the best carrier for me, it helped me so much.

When my son was a year old, a friend lent me her Ergobaby carrier while on a walk. I was blown away by how cozy and comfortable we both were. Soon after, I discovered I was pregnant with my second child, so I registered for an Ergobaby, and fortunately this time I received one as a gift. My oldest was twenty-two months old when my daughter was born. He was all things wild and – without our carrier – I honestly don’t think I could have left the house with two under two. Most days I wore his sister while chasing after him. Some days I put his sister in the stroller and wore him when he was having big toddler feelings, and needed the extra closeness to feel safe and loved. I love that I was able to comfort my kids in a way that was accessible to me. When our third child arrived a mere nineteen months after our second, I was able to keep my newborn close, allowing me the freedom to corral and interact with his older siblings. Having three kids in less than four years wouldn’t have been possible without the use of a baby carrier.

Looking back, little did I know how a simple piece of baby gear would be life-changing and empowering.



Kristy is a babywearing consultant residing in Denver, CO. With over ten years of babywearing experience and training from the Center of Babywearing Studies, Kristy aims to empower parents with the tool that made motherhood with three young children possible.

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