Dear Ergobaby, Love Afra

I will never forget the day I received my first Ergobaby Carrier at my baby shower. I had picked the Original Baby Carrier in Black. I couldn’t wait to wear my baby boy who I was expecting in 8 weeks.  This was exactly 4 years 9 months ago.

Fast-forward to today, Ergobaby has transformed my life in many ways and really shaped my baby wearing journey and my journey as a mother.

Being a first-time mother, I was in need of something that would really help me keep going like I used to pre-baby. I was used to working from home, being active, running my own errands and just being super independent in all ways.

I was the type of mother that no matter how much my baby cried in the car it wasn’t going to stop me from going out. I know friends who literally sacrificed their social life because they just couldn’t bear to hear their babies cry.

Sadly due to 3 c-sections for all my babies I wasn’t able to use my Ergobaby baby carrier immediately, however my husband did during that time and he loved it. To date, if I leave the baby when him, his first question is “Where’s the Ergo?” because it’s the only way he will function when watching the baby. There is something about watching my husband wearing our babies. It just takes my love for him through the roof!

With my first I practically wore him all day long, to & from the car into his car seat, in the malls, grocery shopping, travelling etc. It was so convenient. With my second I wore her less because of severe back issues, but on to my third, it’s ALL I do; Baby Wear.

Having had the Ergo Original for almost 5 years now it is so broken into it’s like BUTTER! We have also owned the Camel Colored Original Carrier and loved it, and recently tried the Omni 360 Mesh Carrier and love all the new features.

I didn’t realize how much babies love forward facing till I tried my new Omni Mesh! So much has changed over the last 4 years and now with 3 children 4 years & under it is crucial to use a baby carrier to be able to manage doing anything from shopping, to park visits, hiking, errands, household work etc.

My favorite position to wear my babies in my Ergo, is the back or front carry. With the back carry, I am able to do lots of work like dishes, cleaning, vacuuming etc but with front carry it helps us when we are at the park or hiking to let my little one enjoy the experience too.

After getting my first Ergo in 2013, I always tell mom’s that babywearing is the way to go. If they want to manage anything around the house, outdoors, etc especially with high needs, teething or multiple kids, they will need wear their baby.

I recently came home late with my 3 kids and my husband wasn’t home.  I had no way to climb up carrying 3 kids, so I woke up my son, put my 2 year old in my ergo backward facing and carried my 8 month old in the front and we made it upstairs !  Yes I wore my 2 year old who is almost 30lbs! It is really the only way to get through situations like that and I am so grateful to Ergobaby for sharing this journey with me.


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Afra, a Mommy Blogger & Influencer at “Through Mama’s Eyes’ is a wife & stay at home mom of 3 (aged 4, 2 & 4 months). She uses her experiences as a mother and an entrepreneur to connect with & support mothers in their journey as new moms, moms with young toddlers and moms who want to work from home. She loves keeping it REAL and talking about managing birth, breastfeeding, managing motherhood, toddler tantrums, teething, baby wearing, life as a work from home mom (previous corporate world workaolic), the best products for babies, to toddlers & moms.