Breastfeeding and Meditation

Over the course of my daughter’s life, I have used meditation as a tool to bring me into the present moment.  As a first time mom, my first year with my daughter was filled with ups and downs, highs and lows.

I felt anxious that I wasn’t doing enough or providing enough.  I felt lost that I was losing the life and career I once had before she was born.  On top of all of that, I was breastfeeding her on demand and feeling quite exhausted when things didn’t go smoothly or as planned.

There were a few things I did to help ease my breastfeeding experience, bring me into the present moment, and increase my milk supply.  I am sharing these things with you in hopes that they provide more ease along your journey.

I believe being a mom is a full time job and becomes even more demanding on your mind, body and spirit when you add breastfeeding into the mix.  So if you are a breastfeeding mama please give yourself a huge hug for giving your baby the best nutrients on the planet and providing them the life support they need to thrive.  It certainly has been challenging at times but by far the most worthwhile experience for my daughter and I post birth.

Breastfeeding meditation

After your baby has latched on close your eyes and take three deep, conscious breaths

Feel your baby in your arms, notice babies weight and position

Begin to connect to the sensation of your baby nursing.  What does it feel like?  How quick is the pace?  Notice any sensations that come up.

Now gaze down at your baby and scan your baby’s body.  Notice the eyes – are the open or closed?  Notice the chest – is baby breathing deeply?  Notice the legs and feet – is baby calm and rested?

Now scan your body – is my face relaxed?  Is baby supported so I can relax my shoulders?  Notice the quality of your breath – is it smooth and deep?  How about my lower back and hips – can I release my hip creases and feel grounded, connected to the floor beneath me?

Imagine as though a waterfall was washing over your body, cleansing and rinsing any thoughts or worry that come up while you nurse your baby.

Imagine as though you were giving you baby liquid gold that was going to help baby grow, stay healthy and thrive.

Feel as though the milk moving through you comes directly from you heart, keeping your love energy flowing between you and your little one.

When baby de-latches, take another deep breath and let it all go.  Thanking yourself for providing nourishment for your little one and your baby for a positive nursing experience.  Acknowledge the beautiful bond between you and your little one.

Repeat as needed.

Using this meditation while nursing, or even closing my eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and relaxing my body has shifted my breastfeeding experience to being more joyful and enjoyable.  I feel it is a sacred moment for us to connect and bond as mother and daughter.  She is one now and we are still going strong.  My goal is to make it to 2 years, wish me luck!  A few other recommendations I have that were pretty easy to incorporate into my life were getting plenty of sleep (napping when she naps), drinking alkaline water (it shifts the pH level in your body so you’re more fully hydrated), starting my day off with a green smoothie (packed with leafy greens for energy and extra milk production), and getting a massage (to relax the upper body and shoulders).  I have a post natal yoga practice available on the app @yogawakeup and a breastfeeding meditation on the @unplugmeditationapp.  Please stay in touch and share with us what helped you along your breastfeeding journey.

Love + Blessings,


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Ali Owens is an international yoga and meditation teacher, mother, conservationist and retreat leader. It was her passion for dance that led her to discover yoga while studying in the World Arts & Cultures program at UCLA. Once a simple way to unwind from a busy lifestyle, yoga became the catalyst for Ali to live the life she always dreamed. She now lives in LA with her family where she teaches public classes and works individually one on one with clients. Ali’s mission is to empower people to live their best lives and create a nurturing environment for all students to grow and thrive. Praised for her mindfulness and approachable technique, her passion lies in leading international retreats. She is the founder of MyOm, a retreat company that brings people to local destinations for a week-long immersion into the practice of yoga. For more information, click here.