3 Favorite Items for a New Parent

If you look around online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of “must-haves” and “to-gets” when searching for baby items. And for a new parents, and can be downright confusing! Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple, and in the spirit of that, here is a very short list of my favorite three “must-have” items for a new parent. These are three items I LOVED with my last baby, Olive- and I love to tell all of my friends about each of these things.

  1. Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap. Keeping your little one close is everything, especially in those first months, and the butter-soft Aura wrap allows parent and child to be skin to skin and as close as can be. The Aura Wrap is  made from lightweight, supportive, super soft fabric. It’s breathable and easy to use, and if I was going to choose one babywearing item for the first 6 months (and beyond), it would be the Aura. It comes in beautiful understated colors and prints, including stripes and polka dots, and goes with any outfit. I love this wrap! And one tip about wrapping- I would wrap before we would leave the house, so when we arrived at our destination I was ready to take my baby out of her carseat and put her right into the wrap. Easy!
  2. Owlet. Have you seen this product? This is hands down one of the very best “new to us” baby items we used. In a nutshell, the Owlet is a baby monitor that tracks heart rate and oxygen levels using pulse oximetry. It works with a base station that glows green to let you know everything is okay but will notify with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong. And all of this works alongside the Owlet app. We loved it and if we were to have another baby we wouldn’t be without it. Such peace of mind!
  3. Ergobaby Swaddler. Another Ergo product I could not leave out is the swaddler. If you have a baby who loves to be swaddled (most little ones), this is for you. In the past 8 years of having babies we have tried every swaddler under the sun, and the Ergobaby one is the very best. We love that it’s a hip-healthy product, and allows baby to rest comfortably and safely. One of the biggest bonuses with this swaddler is the easy diaper change feature which made our lives so much easier!

What are some of your favorite baby items for new parents? Let us know below!

Danielle Hampton

Danielle Hampton is a writer and blogger enjoying small town life in the mountains of Northern Arizona with her husband Hank and their two boys, Henry and Charlie, and daughter Olive. She’s a former high school English teacher who now authors the blog Sometimes Sweet and does freelance writing, editing and social media consulting, contributing to a variety of sites.

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