Keeping Baby Close This Halloween

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This Halloween, consider bringing your carrier along and wearing your baby! Not only does babywearing make trick-or-treating easier, it helps to keep baby warm and safe. And as an added bonus, your carrier allows you to be hands free, to help your other  kiddos, or even just enjoy some candy.

Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of year, but for little ones it may be overstimulating or even frightening. One of the best ways to combat this is by keeping baby close through babywearing.

Wearing your baby allows your child to have a safe spot to turn to (you!), or a great vantage point to see what’s going on. Wearing your baby allows your child to choose, and have the option to do one or the other based on how they feel.

Here are some babywearing tips for Halloween:

  1. Halloween spookiness is no match for you and your baby when they’re tucked in close to you. The front carry is great for little ones and the back carry (see tips here) is a great transition for bigger babies. The best part about the front inward carry during Halloween is that your little one is facing you- not Dracula walking by, or the gigantic spider hanging from a tree. Baby is close enough to kiss, which means you’re able to soothe your child and make sure they’re feeling okay as you navigate this sometimes scary evening.
  2. Front outward is also a great carry option, but be sure to watch for signs of overstimulation, especially on a fun night like Halloween! You can read all about that here.
  3. Utilize the sleeping hood if baby wants to take a nap or needs some quiet time away from Halloween craziness, and don’t be afraid to take a step back and find a quiet place for you and your baby if necessary.
  4. Cold weather is the norm for many places around the world on Halloween and because of that be sure to dress in layers you can shed as you and baby warm up. You can follow the tips shared in this post and if you live in a warm climate be sure to be aware of overheating from costumes as well.
  5. Speaking of costumes- have fun with it! You and your baby can get creative with a costume that works with babywearing and be festive AND cozy at the same time. Here are some fun ideas!

Happy babywearing…and happy Halloween!

Danielle Hampton is a writer and blogger enjoying small town life in the mountains of Northern Arizona with her husband Hank and their two boys, Henry and Charlie, and daughter Olive. She’s a former high school English teacher who now authors the blog Sometimes Sweet and does freelance writing, editing and social media consulting, contributing to a variety of sites.

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October 29, 2018