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Babywearing Tips | How to Use a Baby Carrier in Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside—but that doesn’t mean you still can’t wear your baby outside. And let’s be honest, moms and dads don’t get snow days. So on those days when you either choose or have to be outside with your baby, here are some tips for how to safely and comfortably use a baby carrier in cold weather. Because no matter the time of year, safety and comfort should be your top concerns when babywearing.

What should baby wear in a carrier in winter?

A rule of thumb is to dress your baby as warm as you’re dressed. Just remember that you want your baby to be warm but not overheat. The carrier and your body are extra sources of heat, so you don’t want to dress your baby in too many warm layers. But light layers can be a good thing if you’ll be going from outside to inside because you can take layers off as needed.

Try putting your baby in oversized fleece pajamas, tights, or leg warmers. Worried about keeping your baby warm in the carrier during the winter and avoiding having a gap between her pants and socks? Oversized fleece pajamas can be great for keeping her warm, or you can put your baby in tights (boys and girls!) or baby leg warmers under their pants and over their socks. [BWI of Greater Boston]

You also always want to be sure that your baby’s head, feet, and hands (if they’re peeking out) are covered. Be sure to put a warm hat on your baby’s head, boots or fluffy socks or booties on her feet, and mittens on her hands.

Can you wear baby inside a coat?

Yes, you can wear your baby inside your winter coat, as long as it’s roomy enough. Reuse your maternity coat or wear an oversized coat as a babywearing coat when going outside. Put yourself and baby in normal layers (don’t overdress!) and zip the coat up over both of you. Don’t zip your coat over your baby’s head, though. You should still be able to see his head and face. Then, put him in a good hat, and you’re ready to go! [BWI of Greater Boston]

A front baby carrier is the best baby carrier in cold weather. We also recommended having your baby face you in his carrier so you can keep an eye on how he’s doing and keep his face shielded from cold winter winds.

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Are there winter baby carrier accessories?

Yes! If you don’t have a coat big enough to wear over you and your baby while babywearing, you can get a winter weather cover. Our winter weather cover is water-resistant and has a soft fleece lining and hood to keep your baby warm and dry all winter long. It easily attaches to each of our baby carriers except for the Embrace carrier.

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Does the caregiver’s attire matter?

If you want to be comfortable, dress so that you’ll be warm but won’t get too hot babywearing in winter. Really the most important babywearing safety tip for you as the wearer is to wear shoes with good traction. You should always be mindful of snow and ice when walking outside in winter, but sometimes a slippery surface sneaks up on you. Wear warm boots with traction suitable for winter walks with your baby.

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November 20, 2019