Plus-Sized Wearing with Ergobaby

One of the most amazing things about babywearing is that it is truly for every baby and every body type. Fit when it comes to carriers isn’t just about height or size, it’s also about body shapethe age and size of the child being worn, and what activities you’re doing while wearing the carrier. One of the reasons I’m such a big believer in trying carriers on is because I personally struggled with finding the right fit with softstructured, or buckle, style carriers.

What is the best baby carrier for plus-size moms?

In 2012, we increased the webbing length on all our baby carrier styles to 55 inches, allowing for more caregivers to carry their baby and find a safe and comfortable baby carrier for plus-sized moms and petite moms


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Both the 360 All Positions carriers, as well as our Adapt baby carrier, feature lower back support as part of their waistbands. The waistband has a dual adjust, allowing it to be moved where you need it. It’s something I find that also adds that extra support and flexibility I need when carrying baby, particularly a heavier one, or in a back carry.

One of the features also offered by the Adapt Carrier is crossable straps. Why is this important? It means no reaching behind you to clip and unclip the chest clip! You have the option of wearing it with an X across your back. You simply throw one strap over your shoulder, bring it across your back and to the front where it clips on the side of the carrier, and you can tighten easily by pulling the end of the webbing back. For my husband, crossable straps are one of the easiest ways for him to pop baby in the carrier quickly, without having to keep the straps loose and reach behind him.


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Depending on your needs, there are lots of ways to discover the best plus-size baby carrier that meets your needs, as there are more options than ever before. Many plus-size parents like the Omni 360 carrier, which is made for all babies, all caregivers, and all carry positions.


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Getting Help with a Plus-Size Baby Carrier

Like with any style of carrier, it can take some trial and error to not only figure out what may be a good fit, but how it works and babywearing tips and tricks to get it fitted well to you every time. This is where babywearing groups can be a wonderful resource in your community. They have volunteer educators available, as well as many styles of carriers to try on so you can get an idea of what the best baby carrier for a plus-size mom may be for you. Some communities also have babywearing educators who teach classes or fit clinics or even offer athome consultations. 

If you have questions about any of our baby carriers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team as well!

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Laura is the Educator + Community Outreach at Ergobaby. With almost a decade of experience teaching, Laura’s  warmth, passion and knowledge on baby carriers and their use is unrivaled. Her genuine, down to Earth nature will put any parent at ease, and leave them with the tools they need to keep baby close and comforted.  In addition to being a Certified Babywearing Educator, she is also a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Educator and Car Seat Tech (CPST). Her varied experience and unique background building and creating communities, as well as mentoring educators and professionals, enables her to speak confidently on a variety of babywearing and postpartum related subjects at the consumer and professional level. Interact with Laura in our Facebook group “Love Carries On” or at a consumer event near you.