Which Baby Carrier is Best For My Family? Part 1

As an expecting parent, there are so many decisions to make. What do I need? What can I do without?  There are so many benefits to babywearing, including calming a crying baby and allowing parents to be hands-free, that the decision to get a baby carrier is a no-brainer as far as we are concerned!  We wanted to make it easy for you to choose the path that is best for you, either Ages & Stages or All-in-One.  These two pathways both allow the option to face your baby out when developmentally appropriate, about 4-6 months old.  Don’t think your baby needs the option to face out?  Click here to see those pathways.

Ages and Stages

During baby’s first year, they grow and develop at an astounding rate.  There are many milestones along the way to mark their first year: holding their head up, rolling over, and crawling to name a few. The ages and stages of baby’s development can help parents understand when baby is ready for certain activities, including which positions work best in a baby carrier, as well as which baby carrier is best for baby’s age and stage of development. To follow the Ages & Stages path for babywearing, we recommend the Embrace Baby Carrier for the tender and cozy first three months, then the 360 Baby Carrier once baby is ready to shift focus from parent to world and explore.

Embrace Newborn Baby Carrier

As a newborn, both baby and mother need time to adjust to their new way of life, staying in and resting and healing.  This time is often referred to as the First 40 Days or the fourth trimester. Honoring the first 40 days allows for parents to ease into their new roles as parents, while gently easing baby into the world. The Embrace Baby Carrier is soft, cozy and super comfortable, the sweetest way to stay connected. No complicated wrapping or tying, the Embrace is a simple way to keep you and baby close as you find your new rhythm together.

360 Baby Carrier

Around four months, both caregiver and parent are ready and eager to emerge from the cocoon-like fourth trimester.  Developmentally, around 4-6 months, baby will be able to hold her head up and shift her focus from her caregivers to that of the outside world.  She has full-color vision, is able to see at longer distances, and is developing more hand-eye coordination.  This is a good time to transition to the 360 Baby Carrier.  With the 360, baby can face you without an insert, and as her curiousity develops, you can try short periods facing out in the carrier.  The 360 will take you through toddlerhood, as baby can transition to the back carry around 6 months, once she is able to sit up on her own.


Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Our all-in-one, newborn ready Omni 360 has all the carry positions. Omni 360 grows with you from week 1 to 48 months. Our crossable shoulder straps give a personalized fit. You can have it all.

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