Celebrate Black Culture with Juneteenth

At its heart, Juneteenth is a day to celebrate and amplify Black joy.

It’s a celebration of the journey and freedom of Black people in the US. It’s a wonderful opportunity to highlight the many contributions that Black people have made to American culture. We also want to share Black Joy! We put together a Black Joy playlist here.

In observance of Juneteenth, we will close our offices and distribution centers on Friday, June 19. We have rescheduled our content so that our employees may have the day off to educate, rest, and celebrate Black joy.

Much like our lives, Black Joy Matters.

This is our joy.

May we flourish + grow.

May we belly laugh without fear.

Our joy looks like taking care + drinking all the water.

It looks like preparing ourselves a yummy meal that’s full of comfort and love.

Our joy feels like grandma’s hands… an autie’s hug… love from a kindred spirit.

Our joy looks like old hymns, African dance, slow jams + falling rain.

Let this be our prayer…

May our joy touch our children, so that they possess a full reservoir to sustain them their whole life long.

May our babes thrive, dance, and dream.

This is our joy…

That we not only take space, but take up space.

May we possess a bold joy.

A radical joy.

A rebellious joy.

So, join us in celebration and education.

Additionally, as a baby brand, we wanted to focus on baby and mama brands that are Black-owned, as well as Black Maternal Health resources. Here’s our list below. And if you have more to add, please put in the comments and we will continue to add to the list!

Black-Owned Baby & Mama Brands

Honey Pot


Miles and Milan

Shine Cloth

Black Birthworkers & Organizations

Ancient Song Doulas 

Black Mamas Matter

Black Moms Blog

Black Moms Breastfeed

Crimson Fig

Jamii Midwife


Moms in Color

National Black Doula Association 

Tribe Midwifery

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Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Brandi Sellers-Jackson is Ergobaby’s Social Media Manager, a Doula, Baby Wearing Educator, and the founder of #NotSoPrivateParts + Co-Founder of Moms In Color. Brandi lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and their three boys, Jax, Jedi, and Jupiter.