A Boost of Happy (Safely!)

Throughout the month of September, we are continuing the conversation about safe and happy babywearing. But first things first: do you know all the benefits of babywearing? For starters, wearing your baby can reduce infant crying by 43%! Happier babies equal happier parents.

Want to boost the happy with some exercise? Babywearing is a great way to get in some exercise as well, with a hike or walk. But if the activity includes use of any safety equipment (biking, skiing, etc), best to save it for another time. The back carry is a great way to bring baby along, but be sure to practice with a spotter or over a soft surface before you head out. Babywearing and exercise: the ultimate serotonin and oxytocin combo!

Want more safe and happy babywearing tidbits? Join us this week, when we talk with our friend Jamie Grayson about all things babywearing. Our friend Jamie knows all things baby gear and is one of our biggest champions of babywearing. And he’s hilarious…so don’t miss this mid-week chat for another boost of joy! We’ll take all the joy where we can find it.

This Week’s Schedule:

Wednesday, September 16 at 2PM PST
IG Live: Safe and Happy Babywearing with Jamie Grayson

Saturday, September 19 at Noon PST
Love Carries On Facebook Group: Babywearing 101

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September 6, 2020