Babywearing: My Smartest Parenting Decision

What does safe & happy babywearing mean to you? To our friend and babywearing educator, Kristy Gill, who wasn’t even sure she would need a baby carrier when she first got pregnant, babywearing is simply “one of the smartest parenting decisions I’ve ever made.” Kristy has learned a lot about babywearing and we’re excited to have her with us this week to share her love of babywearing and what safe and happy babywearing means to her.

When we think about safety, we also need to consider the safety and wellbeing of the parents, especially the mother. Usually, we hear safety, and we think of the baby, but baby’s health, wellness, and safety all depend on their caregivers. Babywearing has so many benefits, including helping with postpartum depression. There are so many ways that parents can practice self-care, including getting adequate rest, so they can be present for their baby.

What does “safe & happy babywearing” mean to you?

This Week’s Schedule:

Wednesday, September 23 at 2PM PST
IG Live: Safe and Happy Babywearing with Kristy Gill

Saturday, September 26 at Noon PST
Love Carries On Facebook Group: Babywearing 101

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