11 Creatively Cute Stroller Halloween Costume Ideas

Carving pumpkins and going through haunted houses may or may not be your thing, but I think most parents can agree that having a kid makes every holiday better. And Halloween is no exception!

It’s fun to dress up and show off your baby in their Halloween costume. It’s not as fun to do, though, when their stroller hides their costume and all your hard work. So since you’re already taking the stroller, why not dress it up too?

Whether you’re the queen (or king) of DIY or just really excited about your baby’s first Halloween, here are 11 stroller Halloween costume ideas that are as creative as they are cute.

1. Buggy Buccaneer

(Image: linderliving/Instagram)

Yo ho ho and a bottle of milk! Turn your stroller into a pirate ship and pillage around town trick-or-treating for the best candy! Don’t forget to teach your little one to say, “Aaarrgghh!” and “Ahoy, mateys!” for a memorable Halloween night. And make sure ye scallywags keep yer cute captain happy so ye don’t get marooned at a neighbor’s house. Savvy?

2. Construction Truck

(Image: momilates/Instagram)

You’ll demolish the competition at this year’s Halloween costume parade with this stroller turned skid steer. You could also try your hand at an excavator, bulldozer or digger. Any construction truck your little construction-loving boy or girl likes will work.

3. Cinderella in Her Carriage

(Image: coolest-homemade-costumes.com)

Every princess deserves her dream night. And what better way to let her have it than a night out eating candy in her very own sparkly stroller carriage? With lots of tulle, battery-operated Christmas lights and hula hoops, you can bring her fairytale to life. Just make sure Cinderella is home before midnight!

4. Snuggle Bear

(Image: coolest-homemade-costumes.com)

Is there anything better than baby snuggles? Not many if you ask me! But one thing that makes your very own snuggly bear even cuter is this stroller Halloween costume idea. Made with most things you probably already have around your home, such as a laundry basket and blankets, you won’t find a comfier or cuter Halloween costume.

5. Puppy in the Dog House

(Image: Pinterest)

Looking for a fast and easy DIY stroller Halloween costume idea? Here it is. Decorate your compact stroller with a giant cardboard box, paint or wrapping paper, paper dog bones, and markers. It’s the perfect little dog house for your perfect little puppy. It’s also a great way to block the wind if the forecast calls for it Halloween night.


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6. Taco in a Taco Truck

(Images: newyorkcityfamily.com)

Give your neighborhood something adorably tasty to taco ‘bout! This DIY Halloween costume is hilariously crafty and colorful (and frankly making me crave street tacos right now). This one requires several materials and steps to bring to life, but if you’ve got the patience and creative touch it promises to be even more crowd pleasing than your town’s favorite taco spot.

7. Mouse in a Mousetrap

(Image: coolest-homemade-costumes.com)

A mouse in your house isn’t so loveable, but this Halloween costume sure is. Make it a family affair by having mom be a cat and dad be a pest control professional. And since no detail should be forgotten, add a little piece of fake cheese to your baby’s pacifier to complete this costume idea. You’ll catch that squeaky little mouse after all.

8. Flintstones Car

(Image: furniturereincarnated.blogspot.com)

From the modern Stone Age to modern day, take your little red-haired Pebbles out on the town in her very own Flintstones car. All you need is some pool noodles, painted foam shields (or something else round for the wheels), wooden dowels, felt, zip ties and duct tape. It’ll be a Yabba Dabba Doo good time!

9. Star Wars TIE Fighter

(Image: dannyrockt/Instagram)

Looking for a stroller Halloween costume idea that’s out of this world? Then look to everyone’s favorite science-fiction media franchise – Star Wars. You can easily turn your reversible stroller into a TIE Fighter and take your little Kylo Ren or Princess Leia to a galaxy far far away, or at least around the neighborhood. 

10. Baby Golfer in a Golf Cart Stroller

(Image: coolest-homemade-costumes.com)

You wouldn’t think a tiny baby in a sweater vest and a traditional flat golf cap could get any cuter, but putting him in this stroller turned golf cart will do the trick! Not only is this stroller costume a real hole-in-one, but your little putter will also be the talk of the town and clubhouse after everyone sees him in this costume.

11. Banana Split

(Image: harmontrips2018/Instagram)

Calling all moms of triplets, this one’s for you! It’s also the perfect costume for cold weather and if you don’t want people touching your babies. All you need are car seat covers or blankets, paper or felt sprinkles, a cardboard banana on each side of the stroller, and a cherry on top.


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October 5, 2020