The Science Behind Babywearing

There are so many benefits to babywearing. The cuddles, the hands-free to get things done, the freedom. But have you ever really thought about the science behind why babywearing is so beneficial to both child and care-giver? We’re excited to talk with our friend Emily Little this week about all the research that supports why babywearing is so beneficial.

Emily Little, PhD, CLEC, is a perinatal health educator, researcher, and advocate, and is the Founder and Executive Director of Nurturely. She completed her PhD at University of California, San Diego in experimental psychology with a specialization in anthropogeny. Emily conducts community-participatory research that combines approaches from anthropology, psychology, and public health to explore infant-caregiver interaction and perinatal health systems, with the end goal of improving policies and societal practices so all infants and caregivers can thrive. She is trained as a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and is passionate about co-creating preventative, community-led programs that facilitate equitable access to wellness during the perinatal period. Her work in Micronesia, Central and South America, and India inspired her passion for strengthening cultures of support for infants and caregivers and promoting equity in all aspects of her work. 

This Week’s Schedule:

Wednesday, January 27
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Friday, January 29
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Saturday, January 30 at Noon PST
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January 28, 2021