Remaining a Village of Love (How to support postpartum parents during COVID)

Covid-19 derailed many things within the lives of parents. Because of Covid, birth preferences were shifted and options were limited. Many experienced pregnancies that one can only imagine in an episode of Black Mirror, or some sci-fi movie reminiscent of E.T. For many, their birth experience was not exactly what was hoped for or expected pre-pandemic. The same can be said about postpartum. Unfortunately, parents have been required to go at it alone, figuring out the crazy and unpredictable world of postpartum. I think we can all agree, that the level of isolation that many parents have felt during this time is unfair, unreal, and at times unbearable.

Our village may look different these days…⁠However, it is still present.⁠Wondering how to support parents who are in the thick of postpartum (during a pandemic)? Here are a few quick tips:

⁠1. Order food and have it delivered. For postpartum folks, there can never be too much food.⁠ In fact, for those who opt to breastfeed, the increase in caloric intake is beyond necessary.

2. Volunteer to organize a meal train. Again… MORE FOOD!! A meal is another beautiful way that people can support families during their postpartum journey. Simply coordinating a calendar of meal drop-offs can be a lifesaver! There are many ways to organize a meal train. There are online apps and platforms that do the heavy lifting by offering a plug-and-play type model. (Example: You gather the people and the dates, and the platform does the rest!) You can also go old school, creating a text/email thread of dates available for food drop-off! Totally your call!

3. Organize a text/check-in thread. Sometimes just checking on our postpartum friends is enough. Gathering an intimate group of “their people” is vital. Knowing that they are not only held but that there is a tangible safe space and container for their feelings is necessary.  Assuring a new parent that they are surrounded and supported can do wonders for their journey ahead. ⁠

However you choose to support families, do it with love! They are feeling all the feels. They need the support of their village and/or community.

Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Brandi Sellers-Jackson is Ergobaby’s Social Media Manager, a Doula, Baby Wearing Educator, and the founder of #NotSoPrivateParts + Co-Founder of Moms In Color. Brandi lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and their three boys, Jax, Jedi, and Jupiter.

April 12, 2021