Black Breastfeeding Week with Jadah Parks Chatterjee, RN & Lactation Consultant

Happy Black Breastfeeding Week! Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant, Jadah Parks Chatterjee shares why this week is so very necessary to be highlighted and celebrated!

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Ergobaby: Why is Black Breastfeeding Week important? Why was it started?

JPC: Black breastfeeding week is the opportunity to bring awareness to the racial disparity in breastfeeding rates, assess the support parents have access to and highlight feeding support that is accessible for Black women.

Ergobaby: What are some of the benefits of Black women breastfeeding that perhaps are unique to us?

JPC: Women who breastfed their babies had an almost 10 percent lower risk of heart disease. The women who breastfed for two years or longer had an 18 percent lower risk of heart disease

– decreasing the risk of elevated blood pressure

– type 2 diabetes

– breast cancer (31% cancer mortality rate)

– ovarian cancers

Ergobaby: As a postpartum nurse (especially during covid) why is it important to breastfeed if we can?

JPC: Every drop of colostrum is packed with nutrients that support strengthening your baby’s immunity. As a postpartum nurse, I always inquire about my parents’ feeding plan.  If the parents I support plan to breastfeed their baby, I always begin with hand expressing colostrum.  Providing your baby with human milk supports passing increased antibodies to your baby. This immunity to your baby is very beneficial.

Ergobaby: Share 3 resources for Black mamas who may need support with breastfeeding.

JPC: Myself

         Brandi Jordan

         The Lovelies


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Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Brandi Sellers-Jackson is Ergobaby’s Social Media Manager, a Doula, Baby Wearing Educator, and the founder of #NotSoPrivateParts + Co-Founder of Moms In Color. Brandi lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and their three boys, Jax, Jedi, and Jupiter.

September 7, 2021