Calling All Babywearing Lovers!

Sound Off Films is producing a series of videos for Ergobaby that communicate the brand’s mission and values, and we’re asking for your help.

Why We Need You

Ergobaby believes that the bonds nurtured in early childhood foster a life of love and connection that can transform our world. We want to see this in action by hearing from real parents, like you, who are familiar with the Ergo family of brands. We want your own personal videos from at home that can authentically show parenthood with Ergo.

The Details

We’re looking for 3 types of videos:

  1. Talking directly to the camera in response to the prompts below
  2. Scripted lines
  3. Everyday moments with your family, with and without Ergo products

How to Submit

  1. Fill out this form and be sure to write the NAME of your video file!  This is how we will match the video to you, if you don’t do this we won’t be able to choose your video and pay you.
  2. Upload your videos no later than Friday, February 18 to this Dropbox folder. Don’t forget to fill out this form!!! 

We will be choosing videos from multiple families. If your family is selected, you will be compensated with a $500 Visa gift card. 

Prompts to help you get started

Genuinely answer any or all of these prompts. We want to hear from real parents about their real experiences—the joyous, grateful, overwhelming, stressful, and everything in between. Be sure to restate the question in your answer. 


    • Why is babywearing important to you?
    • What do you enjoy most about Ergobaby products? 
    • Tell us some memories or experiences that involve Ergobaby products.
    • Describe any information, advice, or inspiration that Ergobaby has shared with you, and how it may have helped you. 
    • In my hardest parenthood moments, I feel ______. (examples: scared, confused, overwhelmed, impatient, insecure, alone, exhausted, like I’m not good enough, like I don’t have enough hands)
    • In my best parenthood moments, I feel _______. (examples: confident, proud, overjoyed, strong, powerful, connected, loved)
    • I’m most confident as a parent when _________. 
    • I want my child to remember me as _________. 
    • The thing I love most about Ergobaby as a company is _________.
    • Sustainability is important to me because __________.
    • If you obtained your carrier from Everlove, tell us about how you got it, and why this is so special to you.

Record yourself saying any or all of these exact lines:

      • We believe that the bonds nurtured in early childhood foster a life of love and connection that can transform our world.
      • Our vision is that ​​every young family is supported, connected, and thriving.
      • Our mission is to provide the knowledge, community, and thoughtful products that give young families the freedom to bond together.
      • I love that Ergobaby products just work. 
      • My bond with my baby is the most important thing in my life.
      • Having a secure attachment with my baby means they will thrive today and for the rest of their life.
      • Bonding with my baby creates a better world for everyone.
      • Children are raised by a community that extends beyond their parents.
      • Nothing is more important than keeping my baby safe, comfortable, and happily by my side. 
      • We believe it is our responsibility to work towards the world we envision for our children.
      • For every baby that grows up too fast, there’s a new baby born.
      • Everlove by Ergobaby is about connection. To our babies. To our planet. To each other.

Show us what parenthood really looks like for you. You can take inspiration from these ideas, but feel free to add your own. 

    • Putting on an Ergobaby carrier or wrap
    • Walking through your neighborhood, downtown, or running errands with your child and an Ergobaby carrier, wrap, or stroller (this can be a selfie or have someone else record)
    • Showing a friend how easy it is to use Ergobaby products 
    • Your most stylish outfit coordinated with your carrier/wrap
    • Family snuggles, reading books, playing
    • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, especially with an Ergo nursing pillow
    • Changing diapers, and/or feeding 
    • Nap time, especially with an Ergo sleep sack
    • Comforting an upset child 
    • Multi-tasking (e.g. wearing your baby while you’re cooking, working, etc)

Filming Tips

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Subject is in the center
  • Vertical orientation
  • Place phone at eye level
  • Phone is looking up toward face from below
  • Find natural light that shines to the side or in front of your face. 
  • Window is behind you, making your face too dark, or making the background too bright 
  • Camera is at least 2 feet away from face
  • Face is in the center 
  • Face is too close to the camera
  • Make eye contact with the camera lens
  • Eyes are looking at your own image on screen
  • Find a quiet spot in a room that does not echo
  • Distracting background noise (it’s ok if we hear your kids if we can see them) 
  • Confirm video recording settings.


Settings > Camera > Record Video > 

1080p HD at 30 fps


We can’t wait to see your submissions!

Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.

February 7, 2022