Baby Registry Roundup

Flowers are blooming, eggs are hatching, baby bunnies are emerging…spring is in the air! There is just something about Spring that feels so new and full of expectancy. 

When it comes to expecting a new little one, those months can be full of all of the feels. Excitement, uncertainty, joy, nerves, fatigue…we feel it all. The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed by all the choices available to you for baby gear. 

In my experience, you don’t actually need too much in those first few months! Baby goes from sleeping to eating to pooping and not much more! So making sure you have what you need for your baby to sleep, eat, get changed, and go from one place to another (with your help) will cover the basics! 

Whether you are expecting soon or still have a few months to go, here are a few items you’ll definitely need to add on your registry to cover you for the first few months your little one is earth side.

First things first, where should you register? We LOVE Babylist! Babylist is a fantastic and easy to use site that allows you to register for items from a variety of websites, rather than just one company. Friends and family can easily select an item and purchase from whatever distributor they choose and have it shipped to them OR to you if they can’t make it to your shower. 

Now to the good stuff….

For the Minimalist Mom

Carrier: Ergobaby Omni Dream – The Omni Dream is well, a dream. For a minimalist mom this is the perfect carrier as it will take you from newborn days through toddler years. It’s also a great alternative to carrying around a stroller!

Crib + Nursery: Nestiq – Nestiq has a beautiful crib that goes from mini crib to crib to toddler bed!

Hatch Light – Night light, sound machine, and wake time clock all in one! Multi purpose and easy to travel with if needed.

Travel: Tote Savvy

Turn any bag you have into a diaper bag so you don’t have to carry around both a purse and a diaper bag.

Diono All In OneDiono car seats are durable, simple, and can take you from newborn through booster size! Plus, if you have a smaller car you can fit a Diono in any space!

Bath: Stokke BathThis sleek and simple bath is great for folding away when not in use. 

Toys: Love Every – Love Every toy subscription will send you a box of toys that match your little one’s phase of development allowing you to have only the few toys you need and nothing more. Once they’re done with one box, you’ll be sent another!

Feeding: Natural Curve Nursing Pillow – Cozy up to a relaxed nursing experience. Our firm nursing pillow supports your baby comfortably and helps to keep you from slouching.

For Mom: Hatch Collection Spa Day – This one is for you mama. The perfect kit to help yourself feel like you’re at the spa without having to leave your house!

For the Eco Friendly Mom

Carrier: Ergobaby Aerloom – Aerloom is produced with post-consumer, recycled polyester yarns (certified by Global Recycled Standard). It’s made in small quantities to avoid excess inventory and each carrier arrives in a recyclable shipper box; no extra packaging necessary.

Crib + Nursery: Babyletto – Babyletto is a great 3 in 1 crib option AND their collection of GREENGUARD GOLD Certified products are scientifically proven help reduce indoor air pollution & create a healthier home.

Travel: Pack and PlayThis pack and play is sleek and easy to use and includes GOTS certified fabric sheets.

Bath: Tubby Todd – Clean ingredients and cruelty free, this family owned business has a great line of bath products that are safe for every baby! 

Toys: Pretty Please Teethers and Toys

Pretty Please Teethers’ goal is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. Multi-use, made-to-last, and created with sustainable materials, their products are a must have for any home.

Diapering + Feeding: Bambino Cloth Diapers

This all-in-one “onesize” cloth diaper grows with your baby from birth to potty training. Everything is attached (mimicking a disposable) and has a unique core with thoughtful features, like a tuck-in pocket to easily smooth out the back and pull-out tabs for tidier disposal.

For Mom: Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

Washable nursing pads are comfortable, eco-friendly and save you lots of money over time when you use them instead of disposables. These ones from Bamboobies are made with an ultra-soft fabric blend that feels great against sensitive nipples and won’t stick to you when wet.

Earth Mama Nipple Butter – I personally swear by this nipple butter. The best part about it is that you don’t have to wash it off before nursing! And I’ve event used it as chapstick, on my elbows, and on my babies’ cheeks when they were extra dry.

For the High Tech Mom

Carrier: Ergobaby Omni Breeze – Omni Breeze is a great all around carrier for any mom, keeping you hands free so you can get stuff done.

Crib + Nursery: Owelet Dream Duo – This is a baby monitoring system that gives you a complete picture of your baby’s sleep and helps build better sleep habits. See and hear your baby from anywhere and view your Baby’s sleep quality indicators in the moment, including wakings, heart rate, and movement.

Travel: Sensor Safe Convertible Car Seat – The NEW CYBEX Sirona S is the first Convertible Car Seat in the U.S. to feature an innovative 360° rotatable seat with load leg technology, making switching between rear-facing and forward-facing positions quick and easy.

Bath: Kinsa ThermometersKinsa thermometers connect to an app on your phone making it easy to read temperatures. The app includes additional features to input other symptoms so you can get quick advice on whether it’s a home care situation or time to call the doctor.

Toys: Monti Kids – We’re big fans of our friends over at Monti Kids and for a good reason! Even for the techiest families, these toys are designed to support both babies and parents during the most important years of brain development.

Diapering + Feeding: LaVie Lactation Massager – Get rid of clogged ducts, speed up letdown and milk flow, and reduce discomfort from engorgement. Yes please! Designed for all breasts, this massager is rechargeable and waterproof.

For Mom: Temperature Control Mug – Listen mama, we know all about drinking cold coffee in the mornings (and not because you put ice in it). Keep your coffee warm for hours with this amazing mug.

Kindle – For all the late night feedings, Kindles are the perfect way to occupy some time without all the blue light affecting your ability to fall back asleep.

For the Nesting Mom

Carrier: Ergobaby Embrace – Now available in two fabric stories, the Embrace was made for the sweet and tender bonding moments in that fourth trimester with your newborn. Soft, cozy, and breathable, it’s the perfect companion for keeping baby close.

Crib + Nursery: Sleep Bags and Swaddlers – From swaddlers to baby sleeping sacks, our baby sleep products will make bedtime a breeze for squirmy littles. The baby sleep gear you go with will depend on your baby’s age and size, and your own preferences!

Ergobaby Bouncer – This baby rocker is lightweight and can move from room to room with ease.

Travel: Twelve Little Diaper Bag – When it’s time to leave the house, take a Twelve Little diaper bag with you! These designs look like a stylish backpack, but they pack a punch with all the features you need for all the baby things.

Bath: Soak Tub – One sweet way to bond with baby is through bathtime. Once your baby is at the age where they’re able to bath, taking a bath with them can be a great way to soothe and bond together if done safely. This soak tub is a great way to put your little one in the bath safely and still leave room for you too!

Toys: Play Gym and Tent – Beautiful, simple, and a great way for baby to get some playtime in with you close and on the floor with them.

Diapering + Feeding: Babylist Bottle Box – Not sure which bottle your baby will like best? Try them all! 

Parasol Diapers – Parasol makes ecofriendly diapers that are oh so cozy.

For Mom: Hatch Collection 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle – Just because you’re lounging at home bonding with baby doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel your best. This bundle from Hatch will do just that.


For the On the Go Mom

Carrier: Ergobaby Omni Breeze

For all life’s adventures, the Omni Breeze will keep you and baby cozy and cool. The breeze is made with a SoftFlex Mesh that creates one of the most breathable carriers on the market! Perfect for outdoor adventures, heading into the office, or travel!

Crib + Nursery: Nuna Mini Travel Crib – Wherever you go, baby can go too! This travel crib is portable, easy to use, and a great way to safely give baby space to roam.

Travel: Ergobaby Metro + Stroller – The Metro+ is comfortable, compact, and easy. Perfect for airplanes, subways, quick trips to the store and more! 

Bath: Fridababy Sink Bath – If you know baby will be needing a bath, this bath folds right up and can be stored easily in a large bag. For a quicker wash, Water Wipes have XL wipes made for the moments where baby could use a good wipe down.

Toys: Sensorial Reef – Sometimes being on the go means there isn’t a lot of room for toys. If you need just one toy, this is a great option. 

Feeding: Willow Pump – Pump discreetly wherever you are with willow! 

For Mom: House Cleaning Registry – Let’s be honest, this item would be great for any mom. But a house cleaning registry fund is a great way to take some of the pressure off and let someone help with a few responsibilities.

Dry Shampoo – Also a must have, this dry shampoo is great when you need a refresh, but don’t have time for a shower.

Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.