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Today’s post is all about dad! From mental health to the perfect gift guide, we’re celebrating the dad’s in our lives that support us, show up for us, and pull out all the perfect dad jokes. 

Did you know that dads can experience postpartum depression too? 

According to Postpartum Support International, one in ten dads gets postpartum depression, and up to 18% develop a clinically significant anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder at some point during the pregnancy or the first year postpartum.

One of our Ergobaby families, Jaja and Slimboogie, shared a video about their experience. 

Babywearing isn’t just great for moms, it’s great for everyone! Daily skin-to-skin contact can decrease those postpartum blues and the bond that caregiver and child are forming is equally as important for the years to come.

What Carrier is Right For Dad?

Each of our carriers was designed for all baby-wearers – every gender, every size, every type of lifestyle.

Babywearing is for everyone! 

Omni Breeze

For dads that are on the go, adventuring, or live in warmer temps, this is the carrier for them! 


Omni Dream

We love the Dream for its absolute cozy factor. For dads in cooler temps or who are looking to get all the skin-to-skin snuggles, the Dream is a great option.



The Ergobaby Aerloom carrier is a first-of-its-kind carrier made from post-consumer recycled materials. Breathable and comfortable, we recommend this carrier for someone who needs a low-profile carrier that’s easy to fold and take on-the-go.



Our ultra-soft newborn carrier is great for any dad looking to soak up every moment of paternity leave (or those precious hours when he gets home from work). 


Beyond the Baby Carrier – A Gift Guide for the Dad in Your Life

From products, to experiences, to something to help a dad out, we’ve gathered a few ideas for the perfect gift for every dad in your life and a few that are thinking a little outside the box!

For the Adventuring Dad

Bradley Mountain Backpack

Bradley Mountain is USA made from a Ergobaby wearing dad in San Diego! His gear features high quality leather that is made to last through every adventure.

Book a Campsite

Get the family out into nature! Book a campsite near or far for a little family getaway or for dad to getaway with some friends.

Adventure Challenge Family Edition

50 Scratch-Off Family Adventures with no take backs! Once it’s scratch off, you have to do it! This books is perfect for families of all ages and sizes, but is ideally for families with kids ages 4-15 in mind.

For the Tech Savvy Dad

Oura Ring

Not only is this ring really cool looking, it’s also got some amazing technology designed to improve your health! 

Click and Grow Garden

Yes, it’s unconventional, but also…awesome?! The Click and Grow Garden is a high tech option for someone who might be interested in making their thumb a little greener. BUT if you want something more classic, there’s always a Nintendo Switch.

Chiropractic Treatments

Let’s be honest, a lot of our tech loving friends could probably use a few adjustments from looking down at their tech non stop. Treat them to the best!

For the Stay-at-Home Dad

Recycled Fleece Sweatshirt from Richer Poorer

For the parents that stay at home, comfort is the name of the game. Whether lounging or playing, Dad will love this sweatshirt for around the house! 

Audible Subscription

Give Dad something to take a little break throughout his dad with an Audible subscription. Listening to a new book during nap time or while the kids are playing is a great way to get a little “me time” in throughout the day.

One Potato Meal Service

Give Dad a break from prepping and cooking meals with One Potato! This meal service kit is designed to give you easy to make meals for the entire family with discounted pricing for kids meals.

For the Boujee Dad

Honey Jewelry Ring

When it comes to high quality and unique, Honey Jewelry takes the cake. Their men’s rings are absolutely amazing and the boujee dad in your life will love sporting these whether at the park or the office.

Wine, Beer, Spirit Tasting

Find a local brewery, distillery, winery, or prohibition style bar that offers tastings of Dad’s favorite drink of choice! Get dressed up and have a night on the town tasting some of the finest your local area has to offer.

Massage or Spa Day 

Boujee Dad’s love a little self care. (Ok, we all do). Treat him to a deluxe spa day where he’ll feel not only relaxed, but like the world revolves around him for just a few hours 😉

For the Foodie Dad

Brightland Summer BBQ Capsule

Brightland Oils have a variety of olive oils and vinegars that complement any cooking style. This is a great gift to get experimenting with different flavors.

Cooking Classes with Masterclass

If you haven’t tried Masterclass yet, you’re missing out. Experts in a wide variety of fields share their expertise with you from the comfort of your home on your time! Chefs like Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, and Gordan Ramsay share all their cooking tips so you can up your foodie game.

Butcher Box or Imperfect Foods

For the meat lovers, Butcher Box is an incredible service that is focused on caring about animals and our plant, improving the livelihoods for famers, and sharing better meals together. They are focused on grass-fed and sustainable meats, unique cuts of meat, and they deliver straight to your door!

For the veggies lovers, Imperfect Foods also delivers groceries to you! They scour distributors “imperfect” foods that just don’t look pretty on a shelf, but are still good enough to eat and they package them and deliver to you for farm fresh veggie deliciousness.


What else would you add to the list?

Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.