Tips For Staying Cool in Summer While Babywearing

Of the many benefits of babywearing, getting hot and sweaty is not one of them. That’s why we went to work to create soft-structured baby carriers that are cozy, comfortable, and breezy! Having two bodies together in an all-day bear hug can be warm enough, you don’t need a thick, heavy weight baby carrier to add to the heat. 

Despite rising temps, babies still want to be held and caregivers still want those snuggles. And some summer adventures just aren’t possible with a stroller!

Here are our favorite carriers for staying cool throughout the Summer

Omni Breeze

Omni™ Breeze brings breathability to the next level. Rated #1 in Airflow* when tested with comparable carriers, the Omni™ Breeze uses SoftFlex™ Mesh fabric to maximize airflow, keeping you and your baby comfortable and dry all day.

  • Adjustable from newborn to toddler (~0-48m; 7-45lbs)
  • Every carry position you need including forward facing option
  • Padded Lumbar support for extra back comfort
  • Privacy hood for sun protection and breastfeeding
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee

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Embrace Soft Air Mesh Newborn Carrier

Soft, cool, and super cozy, this lightweight carrier is the sweetest way to stay connected from the start. No complicated wrapping or tying involved, the Embrace keeps you and your baby close as you find your new rhythm together.

  • Cozy & Breathable – Aerated Pin Dot Knit with Soft Air Mesh on the shoulders and back panel for maximum breathability and comfort. Soft Air Mesh and vented back panels offer targeted breathability where it matters.
  • Cool & Dry – Wicking fabric pulls sweat away from you and your baby and dries quickly, keeping you both comfy, cool, and dry.
  • Simple – Easy buckling without the frustration of wrapping or excess fabric.
  • Comfortable – Supportive waist belt and stretchable cross straps.
  • Compact – Easily rolls and tucks into a diaper bag
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee
  • 7-25lbs

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Babywearing Friendly Summer Adventures

Hiking / Walking – Exploring your neighborhood or local trails is a great way to get outside and stay close to your little ones. If you have old kids it lets them get out some energy and if you aren’t running, you can continue to wear your littler one in the carrier! 

Animal Farms / Zoos / Aquariums – My kids love getting out of the house to visit all the animals. Supporting your local farms or zoos are a great family outing whether it’s an hour or an all day excursion.

Museums and Libraries – You might think your kids wouldn’t enjoy going to an art museum, but they might surprise you! For one, museums and libraries are usually air conditioned. WIN. Additionally, it’s a great way to get the kids out and talking about art, community, and culture! Even for your little ones that might not talk yet, your city might have kid friendly museums that are more interactive and less fragile 😉 And of course, libraries are always available as a way to sit in some cooler temps, read with the family, and bring some good books home.

Beaches / Parks – One thing we love about our carriers is that they’re machine washable. Why does that matter? Get them dirty! Go ahead and use those carriers and make all the memories. It’s NOT safe to swim in the carriers, but it IS ok if they get wet. Take your family to the beach and make the sand castles and dip your toes in the water. If you’re not near a beach, find a local park where you can go for walks or carry your baby while watching your toddler go down the slide (for the bazillionth time).

Farmer’s Markets – My family loves going to our weekly Farmer’s Market to check out the local and season produce. My kids LOVE sampling all the goodies that vendors are offering and we always come home with something delicious to make for dinner. It’s such a fun outing to show our kids what “eating the rainbow” might look like, even if they still only eat dino nuggets and string cheese.

Picnics – The great thing about picnics is they can be as simple or as adventurous as you decide! You can get all the snacks in your fridge and head as far as your backyard to enjoy some snuggles and sun. Or you can pack up some goodies and go for an adventure on a local trail. Whatever suits you, picnics and babywearing are a great pair.

Tips for Staying Extra Cool, Safe, and Cozy During Summer

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is extremely important for caregivers and their little ones, but when it comes to keeping your little one hydrated, it might be a little more tricky. 

For infants who have not yet started solids, the only safe way to keep them hydrated is through breastmilk or formula. DO NOT overwater the formula. It could be extremely harmful to your infant. Make sure they are getting adequate feedings and if you’re concerned about the heat, keep them in shade, keep a cool pack on hand, or find air conditioned places to spend your time!

For your little ones that have started solid and can safely have liquids other than breastmilk or formula, you can also try homemade popsicles as a way to keep them hydrated. You can simply pour liquids into silicone molds with popsicle sticks and voila – you’ve got the perfect summer treat. 

PRO TIP: POPSICLE BATHS! Yes, let your kiddos eat their popsicles in the bathtime. Mess free and completely entertaining. 

Put your baby in a long-sleeve, rash guard swim shirt.

Rash guard swim shirts are designed for sun protection. Many are long-sleeved and made with fabric that has a UPF rating of 25 or higher. The UPF rating lets you know how much UV radiation can pass through the clothing. The higher the number, the better the sun protection, so find one that says UPF 50+. This allows less than 2% of UV transmission and best protects your baby’s arms from the sun while she’s in a carrier. Most rash guard swim shirts are also made out of soft, stretchy fabric that’s breathable, so your baby won’t overheat even though her arms will be covered.

Have a lightweight layer of fabric between you and your baby.

It’s sunny and 80 degrees out so you’re probably thinking of less coverage, but if you’re babywearing a regular shirt with a bit more coverage is actually better. Skin to skin will make you even warmer and stickier, so wear a lightweight and light colored top to make it easier.

Bring a frozen washcloth or gel pack.

A simple trick to keeping yourself cool while in the heat of summer is putting a wet washcloth in the freezer before you go out and then laying it across the back of your neck while carrying your baby. You can also put a frozen gel pack inside the zipper pocket of your baby carrier to help keep you and your baby a little cooler. If you’ll be driving a long distance before babywearing, pack your frozen gel pack and washcloth in a portable breastmilk cooler that you can toss into your diaper bag so they’re still cold when you’re ready to use them. 

Get a handheld misting fan.

You always want to make sure you drink plenty of water in hot weather to help keep yourself cool and hydrated. But that’s not the only way water can keep you cool while babywearing.

Whether you’re hiking or spending the day at your local farmers market, bring along a handheld misting fan. A regular fan doesn’t cut it because it’ll just blow hot air on you. And you don’t want to waste your filtered drinking water by pouring it down your back to stay cool. A handheld misting fan sprays the perfect amount of water while also blowing fresh air on your face and neck to keep you feeling cool and refreshed.

You better get one for you and one for your toddler! I’m sure you won’t have to ask him twice to use one of these. He’ll love being able to spray himself and mommy or daddy.

Choose the coolest carrying position.

There are four main baby carrying positions: front, parent-facing; front, outward-facing; hip; and back carry. The hip and back carry are great warm-weather carrying positions because there’s less body contact, which offers more ventilation to help you and your baby stay cool. Most soft-structured carriers, wraps and ring slings allow you to hip or back carry.

Keep in mind, though, that the hip and back carry positions are only recommended for babies who are 6 months or older.


Happy Summer Adventures!


Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.

June 28, 2022