Everything to Know About Traveling with Metro+

Whether your summer vacation is keeping you local or taking you around the world, the Metro+ stroller is a great companion for all your summer adventures. 

Why Metro+

Comfortable, Compact, Easy

Under a restaurant table, in the airplane overhead bin, through the subways, and everything in between, Metro+ is the perfect companion to every parent’s adventures. And it’s backed by science!

  • Comfort is a key to a great stroll. That’s why we packed more padding than ever into the seat of the Metro+. It’s the #1 most padded seat of any premium, ultra-compact stroller.
  • No-rethread harness – Adjust as baby grows with ease. The waist strap can be adjusted to various size babies, with plenty of range of motion for arms and legs!
  • Near flat recline with adjustable leg rest – It’s a nap on wheels. 
  • Adjustable handlebar – The Metro+ is one of the only compact strollers with an extendable height handlebar that’s ergonomically designed to improve your posture as you push and allow space for greater strides.

Learn more about what makes Metro+ so great.

How to Use The Metro+

Folding and unfolding a stroller has never been easier.


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Tips for Traveling with Infants and Toddlers

Traveling with kids of any age can be tricky, but with a little strategy (and a lot of flexibility), your trip can be a success! 

Check out this post with a few tips for flying with infants.

7 Travel Must Haves for Families 

Patience – Truly, this is probably the most important thing to have. Traveling with kids of any age isn’t a walk in the park, but with a little patience and a lot of flexibility, you can make the best out of it! You are doing your best, your kid is doing their best, and together you can make it work.

Sensory Toys – Sensory toys that fit into your purse (play dough, cloud foam, crinkle toys, or fidget tubes for example) are really great options to keep your little one entertained and engaging their senses. 

Wrap Toys in Aluminum Foil – A friend taught me this trick on my first flight with my kids and it was amazing. For every hour (ish) of your trip, find a small toy to gift your little one and wrap it in aluminum foil. They will have to spend time unwrapping the toy from the aluminum which takes up time and engages some problem solving. Every hour they’ll have something new to spark their interest. 

Airplane Busy Kit – Etsy has some great little kits that are already assembled for you to keep your kids busy. There are some great ideas on here so you don’t have to DIY it if you don’t want to.

Little Activity Box – I have purchased a few of these activity boxes from The Idea Shop on Etsy. It’s a small box so it’s easy to pack in a purse or diaper bag and it’s full of ideas to keep the family engaged and entertained.

I bought their road trip one and I take it with me everywhere – restaurants, waiting rooms…you name it!

Baby Carrier – Don’t go anywhere without it! From nap times to adventure walks to hopping on and off trains or walking through security, the baby carrier will keep your little one safe, secure, and comfortable. And it keeps you hands free.

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Metro+ – Our Metro+ stroller is your perfect travel companion. It fits into most overhead bins in airplanes, easily fits into any sized vehicle, and it folds and unfolds easily making boarding and deboarding from any mode of transportation a breeze.

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Taking the Metro+ With You

If you haven’t already learned, babies come with a lot of baggage. Diapers, wipes, toys, clothes, bottles, baby carrier, baby stroller and car seat – it’s like a never-ending packing list if you’re traveling with a baby. Thankfully, airlines understand that flying with kids is hard, which is why they try their best to accommodate families. As such, they allow parents to bring the most necessary baby items along with them – many even for free! 

So if you’ve been wondering if strollers and other baby gear count as carry-ons or if you can bring formula on the plane, here are the answers to those and other commonly asked questions about flying with a baby.

Did you know the Metro+ can transform into a Newborn Nest? Metro+ was designed to be newborn ready – that means no inserts required and ergonomic comfort for all! Watch the video to learn how to convert your stroller into the perfect napper for your little one.


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