What to Get Expecting Parents this Holiday Season

All the Holiday deals are already upon us and you might be wondering what to get for the people on your Christmas list. When it comes to families that are expecting a new addition this holiday season, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas to gift them that’s not only practical, but will excite them too!

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Gifts for Expecting Moms

New Mom Box from Box Fox – Box Fox is a great option to use whenever you’re shopping because they thoughtfully curate and wrap gifts for you!

Skims Pajamas – Alright. Love or hate for the Kardashians aside, these pajamas are incredible. Literally so soft and cozy. They are so great during pregnancy and transition well into postpartum too. 

The Mama Stone from Kate Mcleod – A little self care moment for mama! Specially formulated for moms-to-be, nursing moms, and the newest newborns, this unscented solid lotion bar is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. 

Washable Silk Sleep Mask by Lunya – Sleep will be difficult to come by, so any help is welcome. This mask is made from moisturizing silk and can double as a headband for mama’s night time routine!

SpaFinder Gift Cards – When all else fails, a gift card never hurts. And SpaFinder is the way to go. Mamas can find a participating spa near them!

Essential Oil Diffuser from Saje – Bring the spa to mama with this beautiful diffuser! 

Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes (Pregnancy) – Unwind and relax! These 100% Dead Sea Salt bath flakes contain Magnesium to support relaxation and relief from nausea, aches, and pains during pregnancy and postpartum. They absorb through the skin to immediately see the benefits. Safe for mom and baby.

The Pump by Babyation – Designed for work, home, and anywhere in between. With the world’s smallest breast shields, ultra-quiet motor, vacuum-boost technology™, and a sleek, go-anywhere design, The Pump is a total game-changer. Their patented vacuum-boost technology™ creates the only suction that mimics how babies suckle. The breast shields are made of silicone, making them buttery soft, utterly comfortable, and completely flexible. The enclosure is optimized for a day on the go with a built-in ice pack, a place to store all your parts, and extra bottles.

Embrace Newborn Carrier from Ergobaby – The Embrace carrier is specifically designed with fourth trimester bonding in mind. It’s made from the softest material and is easy to put on and take off. 


Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer from Ergobaby – This is a must-have for any expectant parent! When baby can’t be safely in someone’s arms, this is a safe place for them to be supported, cozy, and close so parents can shower, cook, or take a break.

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Gifts for Expecting Dads

Atlas Coffee Subscription – We know sleep will be difficult to come by, so coffee is a must. It’s even better when the coffee comes to you!

Daily Harvest Subscription – Daily Harvest is a great subscription service that offers healthy meals that require minimal effort, which is speaking a new parents’ language!

Chill Dad Box – Give dad a self care moment with an easy skin care routine! 

Monti Kids Miles & Stones Journey – The Miles & Stones Journey is an award-winning educational subscription that empowers parents to support -their child during the most critical years of brain development. Delivered every three months, members receive authentic, heirloom quality Montessori toys for babies and toddlers, expert tutorials and personal coaching for parents, and access to an exclusive parent community.

Omni Dream Carrier from Ergobaby – For expecting dads who might plan on staying home or who live in cooler temps, the Omni Dream is the ultimate baby carrier. It’s Ergobaby’s all-around, all-in-one baby carrier and it features unparalleled softness keeping dad and baby cozy on all their adventures.


Omni Breeze Carrier from Ergobaby – If the expecting dad in your life lives in warmer temps or is frequently outdoors, Omni Breeze is for them! Another all-around, all-in-one carrier from Ergobaby, the Omni Breeze brings breathability to the next level. 


Big Siblings

Doll Carrier from Ergobaby – Get the big brother or sister ready for their new little sibling with the Ergobaby Doll Carrier! This sweet carrier is perfect for them to carry their favorite toy wherever they go.


Toddler Carrier from Baby Tula – I admit, this is both for sibling and mom and dad, but it’s great none-the-less! This toddler carrier from Baby Tula is a great way to keep the growing big brother or sister close and give them some bonding time too!


Cooking Together Kit from Monti Kids – A complete set of food-safe, developmentally appropriate kitchen tools support cooking experiences that will help your child build a positive relationship with food. Ten beautifully illustrated recipe cards help parents and children create child-friendly meals together. Food preparation activities help build executive function and self-confidence. A printed parent guide and online parent articles and videos empower you to support your child in the kitchen while enjoying time together.

Slumberkins – Slumberkins is dedicated to helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children through affirmations, stories and creature characters. They have the cutest and coziest stuffed animals and books that go with each creature that are written by an elementary teacher and MFT. 

Polaroid Camera – Getting my kids a Polaroid was such a good decision. (Or even disposable cameras!) It’s so fun to see moments and memories through their eyes.

Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit – Let big brother or big sis make their OWN book with this fun and interactive kit!

Monti Kids Music Appreciation Kit – Sing, dance and play together safely with this educator-designed set of instruments for children as young as 7 months. The kit includes 5 instruments, printouts for lyrics, and 5 articles written by educators.

Little Feminist Board Book Set  – A limited edition 5-book box set, perfect for a holiday gift! Will also be available. Dedicated to raising anti-racist, anti-sexist humans, this award-winning board book series was created to help families and educators discuss diversity and inclusion through everyday topics. Each book pairs beautiful photos with playful, rhythmic text to help 0-5-year-olds stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism..

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