9 Resolutions Worth Making This Year

Every year, New Year’s Eve sneaks up on us and we try to remember what the heck our resolution was back in January. Did I do it? How well did I do it? How long did I last? If you’re like me, chances are you were really committed in January and had every intention of following through, but life got the best of you and before you knew it, it’s December and you totally forgot about all those goals you had. (If you’re not this person, give me advice. Please and thanks.) 

In order to set more realistic expectations for myself, for the last 5 years I’ve chosen a word for my year rather than resolutions. Or I’ve picked a goal that seems small, but can actually make a huge difference in how I live my life. Nope, I don’t always do it perfectly. But when the resolution is simple and attainable, I find that throughout the year I can remind myself of it more easily and get back on track with no guilt. 

So whether you like to choose a word for your New Year or you love resolutions, here are 9 resolutions that are actually worth making. 

1.Be IN the photos.

Mama look. We all know that you are the one (most likely) taking all the photos of all the moments. Make it a goal to get IN them! Even if that means getting a tripod or setting your phone against a bench on a timer – capture the moments with you in them! 

P.s. It never hurts to ask a stranger! Better yet, tell your spouse or partner your goal so they can help you achieve it!

2. Simplify.


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I love this post from Amber Fillerup on simplifying. That word was actually my word for this year. And I will never ever regret the joy and beauty of simplifying. From my calendar to my wardrobe and everything in between, simplifying has been one of my favorite things and I will keep that going. 

3. Put yourself on the list.

To-do lists will never end. That’s the reality of parenthood. But the to-do lists CAN change. Whenever you’re sitting down to write down your list of things that need to be done, add yourself! A mani/pedi, a massage, that show you want to catch up on, the book you want to read, a walk at the beach. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s for YOU. 

4. Accept the mess.

Just reading this one stresses me out. I don’t like mess. I am the mom that has to really fight hard to not spend the entire day picking up after my kids. It’s not that I don’t want my kids to be kids – it’s that the mess makes it difficult for my mind to rest and my body to rest. (Another reason why we have simplified toys too!) So, I made a deal with myself that the one room in the house that will always be clean is my bedroom. That way I don’t need to spend the whole day picking up, but if I need a minute of calm – my bedroom will be that space. Find your space and let the rest wait until the kids are asleep (or until later ;)). 

5. Put down your phone.

I love being connected. Especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a hybrid of working / staying at home like me, social media just feels like a glimpse into the outside world. But between email and social media and online shopping, time on our phones really adds up. 

Set daily limits on your phone for screen time and allow notifications that tell you how much time you’ve been spending on your phone. It really puts your days into perspective. Find time each day whether it’s 10 minutes of play time with your kid, dinner time, or after work hours to leave your phone in the other room and be fully present in the moment. 

6. Treat your body with kindness.

This can mean a lot of different things for each individual. Do you need to speak more kindly to yourself? Do you need to stop comparing your body to supermodels? Do you need to feed your body better food? Maybe you need to get your body moving to take care of your heart. Whatever it looks like to treat your body with kindness, start small and add new habits as soon as you’ve mastered the first one. No need to switch up your whole routine at once. That’s almost a recipe for failure. Find one way to treat your body with kindness and watch how it transforms you!

7. Say “I Love You” more.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years it’s the value of family and friends. But our relationships have to go beyond surface level if they are really going to make a difference. Our family, our friends, our spouses, our kids, our cousins…they need to know they are loved. And they won’t know it until you say it. If saying “I love you” is something you didn’t grow up with and maybe it makes you uncomfortable, start exploring why! Talk to a counselor or a trusted friend who can help you discover ways to get more comfortable with expressing your love to the people who matter in your life. 

8. Eat dinner together.

Mealtimes are some of the most important times of the day! At LEAST 3 times a day, families get the opportunity to connect at the table and sometimes, these are the only opportunities! If you are a working parent, mealtimes are PRECIOUS. If youR kids are in school, mealtimes are VALUABLE. Make it a priority to choose at least one meal a day for every family member to sit down (no screens!) and really connect with each other. Find some fun conversation cards to ask each other questions (they could be funny or serious) and take advantage of this precious time together.

9. Have fun!

This should be an easy, no-brainer kind of resolution, but moms…I can’t be the only one that forgets to have fun, right? Between exhaustion and chores and work and managing sibling drama, I’d rather put on the TV and tap out. Sometimes, even if it means working “fun” into the calendar, it needs to be done! 5 minute dance party? Friday fun day? No manners dinner? There are a lot of ways to incorporate fun that don’t have to be too thought out (or even last too long if we don’t have the capacity). 



What’s your favorite thing to do for the New Year? Do you choose a word or make a resolution? Whatever you’re choosing this year, let it be filled with intention (and a lot of grace)! 

Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.

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