Black History Month Stories: Danielle

This year for Black History Month, we’re sharing stories from real parents about how they use this month for celebration, reflection, and an opportunity to create the future they dream of for their children. 

As a company founded in the roots of babywearing, we want to celebrate Black culture and the roots that started the foundation of what we know as babywearing today. 

Babywearing made its way to the U.S. in the 1970s. Doula, Kaytee Crawford explains it best, “Carriers like these with buckles and straps, they all had to come from somewhere, right? Well, back in the 70s someone went to Africa and saw how they were carrying their babies with pieces of fabric and came back to the U.S. and decided to make a carrier with buckles and straps to mimic the way Africans were carrying their babies.” And just like that, babywearing took off. 

Today, we’re sharing the stories from Danielle.

John and Danielle Laird 

Black History Month is a highlighted moment in the year that every American has the opportunity to take time and focus on the tremendous impact that many African Americans had on United States history. For us, Black History Month is a small punctuation to our everyday celebration of the life we are able to live, now. Along with the well known names, our family also celebrates the individuals who significantly affected our lives, for the better, especially now that we are a biracial family. 

The dichotomy of our marriage is not lost on us. We collided two different cultures in a society that traditionally didn’t accept being put together. Then inside of this union we created our own microcosm filled with beautiful blended babies. With our children throughout the year, we peel back the layers that unveil where we come from, how we got here and most importantly how blessed we are to live when we do. Our kids have a deep desire to learn and understand their past. Slavery, segregation and the significant sacrifices made are realities that confuse and pain them. We are grateful for their grandparents, who were born in the 40s of Arkansas, and that they share their personal experiences with the kids. Hearing first hand accounts fuel our children’s desire to fight for justice in all areas of life, and ignites their passion to love others – not hate. They still are baffled that, at one point in U.S. history, our marriage was illegal and even today still frowned upon by some groups. 

However, it is known by all of us that they will walk a path that neither of us have walked and each will be unique since their skin tones and genders vary amongst them. Therefore, we aim to arm them with knowledge of both sides, to build up their understanding so as they encounter life they can move forward with confidence and grace. Our legacy is secured in Love. It is by Love that we operate. No matter how much knowledge, experience, truth spoken or good deed done; if it lacks love we gain nothing. 




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February 17, 2023