Self Love and Baby Feeding

There is no best way to feed your baby – it is all about what is best for you and your family.  And no matter how you feed your baby, every new parent deserves support, advice, understanding and of course some good ole’ self love. Because we appreciate you, we wanted to share some tips and tricks surrounding baby feeding as you navigate it, starting during pregnancy. 


You are amazing. A force to be reckoned with. An energy that electrifies the room. You are Mom. You have this amazing super power of creating and growing another human being. From day one, you have been this little one’s everything. Hours and hours of thought and work go into preparing for the arrival of your little one. All of it being very focused on the baby, but we need you to focus on you too. 

One thing to start thinking about: How do you want to feed your baby? Considering your options prior to baby arriving can help to reduce stress in the time of decision making. We know that the more education you get surrounding baby feeding during pregnancy, the better expectations are set and the less overwhelming it will be. To help support your decision making, there are oh-so-many resources available to you. Check out this baby feeding discussion guide from our partners at SimpliFed to help inform these decisions. The good news is that health plans are required to cover support at *no cost to you*, so make sure to take advantage of this free support. 


Then comes the time that YOU deliver them earthside. There are two people born that day, a mother and child. That child’s strength has come and will continue to come from you and your love. Love is not measured in ounces of milk, or number of nighttime feeds. Love is the continued devotion to caring for that sweet human that you MADE.

Feeding Your Baby

There is not just one “right” way to feed your baby, it is whatever works for you and your family. Our team can support you with:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Pumping
  • Combo Feeding
  • Formula Feeding

Choosing to breastfeed may be seen as the natural way to feed. But it does not always come naturally. You and your baby are learning together, every latch, every feed, every day. This learning process can be difficult. You do not have to suffer in silence. There is support for you too. For instance, you can get breastfeeding and baby feeding support covered by health plans by texting 888-458-1364 to get in touch with SimpliFed’s team of international board certified lactation consultants.

As a reminder, there is a safe replacement for feeding babies. There is no replacement for a happy and healthy mom.

Self Love and Care

We understand that sometimes the responsibility of being someone’s everything can be heavy. Literally, the weight of their world is on your shoulders. To care for

 them, you must care for yourself. If you continuously fill up someone’s cup, you must refill your cup to do so. Give yourself grace in this transition of learning to care for yourself and someone else. It is OK to ask and receive help. It does not show weakness. It shows strength and confidence in yourself, your partner, and

 your village. 

As part of self-love, it involves working with your partner to bring them into the team so you don’t take on all of this yourself. This might include helping with bottle cleaning, pump part cleaning, helping with bottle feeding in the middle of the night. We hear from partners and Dads all the time that they feel helpless. Not that you should have to invite them, but don’t be afraid to delegate and reach out for help. 

You have just taken part in the biggest labor of love while delivering your baby. You need rest to gain energy and allow your body time to heal. Meaning, rest whenever possible. At this point, it is perfectly OK to exist in a comfortable, sleepy, snuggly ball with your baby. If you are unable to get rest, ask for assistance with babe so that you can. Take the opportunity to nourish yourself. You can keep easy and accessible snacks close by or ask your partner to get you your favorite dish. We know you may feel like you are the only one able to care for your baby, but you need care too. Take 15 minutes to yourself to stand in that warm shower and complete your typical hygiene routine, Change into clothes that do not have spit up on them. Don’t forget you deserve enjoyment too. Whether it be a book, a show, Instagram, or a phone call with a friend. Take that time for yourself to decompress and fill your cup. 

All in All

Your baby needs love and nutrition. Whether you choose to breastfeed, bottle feed with expressed milk or formula, you provide them with that love and nutrition. Again your love or success cannot be measured in ounces. That love is immeasurable. 

February 14, 2023