Top 10 Must-Have Baby Gear for Summer Adventures

Summer adventures beckon families to embrace the outdoors, from sandy beaches to shaded parks. For parents with babies, having the right gear ensures that these excursions are enjoyable and stress-free for everyone involved. This blog will guide you through the essential baby gear for summer.

1. A Good Quality Stroller

Couple walking their baby in a stroller

Why It’s Important: Navigating summer venues with a baby means you’ll need a stroller that’s easy to maneuver, protects your baby from the sun, and is comfortable in warm weather. 

How to Choose: Opt for strollers with UV-protective canopies, lightweight frames, and breathable fabrics. An easy fold mechanism is also essential for travel. 

Ergobaby Recommends: The Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller is designed for parents on-the-go. It features an adjustable canopy, a breathable and comfortable seat back, and a compact, easy-to-fold design for maximum convenience.  

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2. Portable Sun Shades

Dad playing with baby inside a portable sun shade

Babies’ skin is particularly vulnerable to UV rays, making sun shades an essential component of your outdoor baby gear. 

Choosing the Right Sun Shade: Look for shades that offer broad UV protection, are easy to attach to various baby gear, and are adjustable to shield your baby as the sun moves.  

Ergobaby Recommends: Veer Gear has an easy to use pop up sun shade that can go with you anywhere and shade your little one in a pinch.  

3. UV-Protective Swimwear

Why UV Swimwear is Essential: UV-protective swimwear shields your baby’s skin from harmful rays without the constant need to reapply sunscreen on covered areas. 

Choosing UV Swimwear: Ensure the swimwear covers a significant amount of skin and is made from a fabric rated UPF 50+. 

Ergobaby Recommends: SwimZip’s mission is to develop sun-protective products people want to wear and to share our love of sun-safe fun through products that are stylish, functional, and affordable. We love their matching family sets!

4. Lightweight Baby Blankets and Swaddlers

Baby wrapped in a swaddle lying in a crib

Even during summer, evenings can get cool, especially in breezy beachside towns or air-conditioned environments. 

Selecting the Best Blankets: Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo that offer warmth without overheating. 

Ergobaby Recommends: Ergobaby’s Swaddler is made from a soft and breathable material, ensuring your baby stays comfortable during cooler summer nights without overheating. 

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5. Baby-Friendly Insect Repellent

Why It’s Necessary: Protecting your baby from insects is crucial, especially during outdoor summer activities. 

How to Choose a Safe Repellent: Look for natural, DEET-free repellents that are safe for infants and provide effective protection. 

Ergobaby Recommends: Products like Babyganics and California Baby offer plant-based, DEET-free solutions that are gentle on baby’s skin and safe for all-day use.

6. Cooling Teething Toys

Teething can cause discomfort, which is amplified by the heat of summer. But even if your baby isn’t teething, these teething toys can be a refreshing treat during the heat of the day and helps keep your little one hydrated! 

Choosing Cooling Teething Toys: Select toys that are easy to chill, safe to chew, and free from harmful chemicals. 

Ergobaby Recommends: Green Sprouts has a great natural teether. And these Mesh Food Feeders from Munchkin are great for a frozen snack too. Put an ice cube or even frozen fruit in there for your little one to chew.

7. Baby Carrier or Wrap

Mom outdoors baby wearing her son

A carrier allows for hands-free movement and keeps your baby close, which is especially useful in crowded summer spots. 

Selecting the Right Carrier: Choose lightweight, breathable materials. For summer, a wrap or carrier that allows for air flow is ideal. 

Ergobaby Recommends: Ergobaby Omni Breeze uses SoftFlex™ Mesh fabric to maximize airflow, keeping both you and your baby cool and comfortable on warm days. 

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8. Reusable Swim Diapers

Why Choose Reusable: They are more eco-friendly and cost-effective than disposable options, and they can be adjusted to fit as your baby grows. 

How to Select: Ensure the swim diaper fits snugly but comfortably around the waist and thighs to prevent leaks. 

Ergobaby Recommends:  We love the Charlie Banana reusable swim diapers. They come in a variety of fun prints and are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and they donate 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

9. Sun Hats for Babies

Baby with sun hat playing in the sand

Sun hats protect your baby’s head, eyes, and neck from direct sunlight, which is crucial for preventing sunburn. 

Criteria for Selection: Look for hats with a wide brim, chin straps, and fabric that offers UPF protection. 

Ergobaby Recommends: Rylee and Cru Collective has some of the sweetest clothes and accessories and their swimwear and hats offer UPF protection!

10. Baby-Friendly Sunscreen

Importance of Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a baby summer essential for protecting areas not covered by clothing or swimwear. 

Selecting Safe Sunscreen: Choose mineral-based sunscreens that are formulated specifically for babies and free of harmful chemicals. 

Ergobaby Recommends: Sun Bum is an absolute favorite. They have a spray, a lotion, and even a face stick and a variety of SPF options. PRO TIP: Use a makeup brush to apply sunscreen lotion on wiggly little ones! The soft feel of the brush makes it so fun. 


Preparing for summer adventures with your baby is all about choosing the right gear to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. From Ergobaby strollers and carriers to protective swimwear and sun shades, each summer baby item on this list is designed to enhance your summer experience while keeping your little one happy and healthy. Enjoy your adventures with confidence, knowing you’re fully equipped to handle the sunshine and smiles. 

Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.