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Babywearing Tips

Facing in? Facing out? A Science-Based View on Baby Carrying Positions

Jump to a Section: Need for Brain Stimulation Three Stages of Baby Development Front Inward Facing Position Front Outward Facing Position Switching from Front Outward Facing Position Frog-Leg Position Front Inward Facing Vs Front Outward Facing Back Carry We will describe some of the aspects of how a baby develops in the first year that…

Positional Plagiocephaly

Excerpted from Kevin M. Kelly, Ph.D. Web Master What is Plagiocephaly (pla’je-o-sef’ah-le) It literally means ‘oblique head’ (from the Greek: plagio = oblique, and cephale = head). You may have noticed that your baby’s head is developing an unusual shape. If so, to evaluate your infant’s head shape, view the head from various angles:…