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Breastfeeding: Nutrition for Better Brains and Super Moms

Breastfeeding: Nutrition for Better Brains and Super Moms Breastfeeding can’t guarantee a super baby who walks at 4 months and differentiates colors, letters, and numbers by 6 months, but research does indicate that it is the best nutrition for your baby, helps fight infection, promotes brain development, and may even increase academic performance and IQ….

The Beauty of Breastfeeding

Countless articles, reports and doctors assure us that “breast is best,” and in terms of a newborn’s nutritional needs, of course it is. Thankfully, there are alternatives in the rare cases where breastfeeding, or feeding breast milk, is not possible. Those instances are rare, and as The World Health Organization states, “Only under exceptional circumstances can…

Ten Important Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

  Start before you conceive: Women that start pregnancy in good health and at a normal weight are more likely to have better outcomes. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, try to maintain a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet. Be sure to include a folic acid supplement, which is critical for fetal development….

Claire’s Flight-Friendly Family Picnic

This Recipe is dedicated to making your airplane travel with children as easy as a picnic on the plane. Picking at airline food can be discouraging. Make it easy on yourself and take along some healthier choices that your whole family can enjoy. Having taken 30 flights in 3 months for work one year, I speak from experience here. The…

Claire’s Eggs & Bacon Flourless Muffin Recipe (Veggies, Eggs & Turkey Bacon)

Protein is a vital key to a sharp, clear-thinking brain, and a strong, well-fueled body. Here we discover the ease of grabbing something delicious as well as nourishing, with our bare hands. These beautifully browned muffins are full of protein, alkalizing green veggies that detoxify the liver, and onions, which feed probiotics; the good bacteria that…