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Ergobaby x Doen: Women in Leadership featuring Kimberly Durdin

In honor of Women’s History Month and in celebration of our Ergobaby x Doen Collection, we are highlighting powerful voices within the reproductive community. First up, Midwife + IBCLC, Kimberly Durdin shares her story on the blog! Kimberly is the co-owner of Kindred Space Los Angeles (currently, the only Black-owned freestanding birth center, here in…

Ergobaby x Doen: Women in Leadership

We are so excited to announce our partnership with DÔEN, an LA-based women-owned clothing brand.  DÔEN was founded by two sisters in the early days of newfound motherhood – the brand is and always has been inspired by family and driven by a desire to create something special with the transformative strength that motherhood imbues….

The Best 9 Books to Combat Asian Racism at Home with Tips to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

Our job at is to help families diversify their bookshelves, because the number one way to build empathy and combat racism at home is through stories.  Anti-Asian hate crimes have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. From March to December 2020, AAPI Hate tracked 2,808+ incidents of AAPI hate across…

Aerloom – The Breathable, Lightweight, Form-Fitting Baby Carrier

Adjusting to parenthood isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s pretty common for it to take a little while before you feel comfortable and confident in your new role. The ErgoPromise is to produce high-quality products so you are able to carry your child with confidence – and that’s exactly what you can do with Aerloom….

New Year, New Routine: 5 Easy Steps to Set a Successful Daily Routine for Your Baby

There’s nothing like the holidays to throw off your daily routine. But (somewhat) lucky for you, babies aren’t born knowing when it’s day or night, when it’s time to play or when it’s time to sleep. Like with feeding and changing, your baby depends on you to teach them an everyday routine.  So if things…