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007 Reasons Dads Who Use Baby Carriers are Definitely Masculine

We love our baby carrying dads!  Recently, babywearing dads have gotten some flack, but we’re here to tell you that some of our favorite humans are babywearing dads.   Daniel Craig and Chris Evans sure know how modern parenting looks, in fact, we love the “BOND”-ing aspect of men carrying kids. Let’s re-write the story together….

7 Benefits of Having Your Baby Face You in a Stroller

A baby faces her mom and sibling in a stroller

Did you know which way a baby faces in their stroller matters? A stroller where your baby faces you benefits both of you. A parent-facing stroller helps keep you and your baby connected, encouraging more parent-baby interaction. A stroller where your baby  faces you is also developmentally better and physically safer for your baby while…