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Newborn Essentials | Guest Post from Clara Aquino

Newborn Essentials | @claravuaquino by ergobaby This post is from our Ergobaby Brand Ambassador Clara Aquino: A little list of must haves for parents of newborns (click the image above to view all of the item sources!): 1) Swaddlers They help to recreate that feeling of being snug in mama’s belly; while also eliminating the…

Enjoy the Outdoors: A Survival Kit for Summer

  Summer is sunshine that lasts nearly until bedtime. Vivid pinks and reds and yellows at the farmers’ market. Skirts and shorts and sandals. Water slides, beach days. Popsicles and skinned knees. And above all, not coming inside unless you absolutely, really truly, another-five-minutes-pleeease? have to. So to help you and your family soak up…

Introducing…Aussie Khaki

ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier - Outback

UPDATE 6/14/12:  We have renamed this carrier “Aussie Khaki (formerly known as Outback).” There’s lots to talk about around here.  Last week, we delivered the Elegantly Reduced pricing on our Petunia Pickle Bottom Carriers, now for something brand-new!  Introducing our newest color in our Original Collection: Aussie Khaki (formerly known as Outback). The first-in-line design that made…